Hello Lovely people! August Component of the Month is here already, can you believe it! This months components were these beautiful rustic stoneware coin pendants by the ultra talented Diana P. of Suburban Girl Studio LLC, Diana also wrote a great post showing all the work that goes into making these beauties Here.

Photo by Diana and shamelessly stolen from AJE site as I was so excited to get playing with mine that I did not think to photograph it first! I received a beautiful dark blue one, and here is what I did with it....
Carpe Noctem Necklace

Carpe Noctem, Live for the night! As you may have guessed I was inspired by the beautiful dark blue  colour in this piece! I started by making a copper backing plate so that I could set a 8mm kyanite cab in the centre of the disc, then I went rumaging through my beads looking for treasures with the same colours in.

I ended up choosing a Galaxy lampwork bead by Redayh, a stone star that I got from a lovely little shop in St Ives, a old and rather worn looking ammonite also from Cornwall (I may have been bead shopping on holiday) and a deep blue faceted pearl (that took forever to re-drill and make the hole bigger)!

I love the beautiful texture on these disc's, they really are just wonderful!

And the being worn shot, unfortuntly my model is on holiday so you will have to make do with these rather poor attempts at selfies...

Massive thank you to Diana for gifting us all with these beautiful pieces to work with  and I hope you will join me to see what the AJE team and guests have created....


AJE Team


Beading Back in Time Blog Hop Challenge

Today I can't tell you how excited I am to be joining in with the Beading Back in Time Blog Hop Challenge! The theme is Early Civilization (3500 BC to 500 AD) and so I thought I would start by showing you some of my favorite photos from our holiday last week to Paris, I could not go to Paris with out visiting the Louvre of course even if it meant chasing a two year old around and not really getting to read/see as much as I would have liked!

I just love all of these pieces and have a soft spot for seals and amulets....

Stunning every single one!

If I could have taken one thing home it would have been this whole display case, I love how they are all arranged so neatly in there lovely little lines....

I have a little cabinet of curiosities in the hall which my other half and I have filled with little treasures too (nothing as marvellous as these, but little pieces that we love)....

Here are a few of the more interesting pieces....

The little Roman ring has the most charming green glass cab in it and in the right light it just glows!

Here are some of the pieces I planed to play with, lots of djenne dig beads, square and disc roman glass, some viking knit (which I am still very new to) and even an old Roman coin that I set in silver (which I did not get round to using yet).
Any who I have rambled on enough and by this I guess you can tell how much I love the theme so probably time to show you what I came up with.

This first pair were inspired by a beautiful gold byzantine earring that I found on Pintrest.

Photo from The Metropolitan Museum Of Art web site

Gold is not quiet with in my budget so I went with silver.....

Viking knit with lampwork drops (I tried pearls but none of mine were quiet big enough to work with these).

This next pair were a mash up of lots of different types of Roman earrings that I had seen, they are made from copper and silver, the back plate is copper and originally I wanted the copper to shine through a kind of mixed metal modern twist, but I rather liked how crusty and old the copper looked after soldering so left it like that!

I really love how the garnets shine on this pair

And the last pair were a bit of an accident! I had planed to make a pair of earrings with some of my Djenne beads but the unthinkable happened, the bead split straight down the middle! But it was such a pretty bead with such a lovely glow to it that I (ever the optimist) decided to just set the two half's on there sides as a pair of studs....

A couple of hand made bezels and soldered earring posts later and I now have a new favourite pair of earrings!

They are 8mm x 5mm and I can't decided if they look like little gems or little jelly belly beans, but I love them!

I do hope you enjoyed my post (I warn you there may well be more ancient inspired pieces to come) and I really can't wait to see what every one else has created, so please feel free to join me hoping around all the other participants.


AJE July Component of the Month reveal

July was my turn to host AJE Component of the Month and I am so excited to see what every one has created!

What I came up with is quiet different to what I normally make, usually I try to make small delicate petite pieces, mostly because I am vertically challenged and anything big looks like I am a child trying to wear adult jewellery, but this time I threw caution to the wind and went with big and chunky!

I have brought myself a lazy daisy and have been playing around with viking knit and decided to use some in this piece....

It's very chunky, (well on me it is!) the viking knit is about 1cm thick and I have used one of my painted clasp with a pair of Kerri Fhur's lampwork beads.

So there you have what I came up with, now I do hope you will join me in hopping around to see what the other fab participants have created....

Have a great day x


June Year of jewelry project

Some how I have managed to keep up with the yaer of jewellery project (well just about)....

Week 23 (Jun 6) - Birthstone of the Month: Pearl (erm no, it's not pearl but it's cute)!

Treasure Locket

Week 24 (Jun 13) - Something Old + Something New (YES, old made new)!

Very Special Treasure Locket 

Week 25 (Jun 20) - My Dad's Favourite Colour (no a miss on this one my dad dose not have a favourite colour)!

My AJE Fire Fly Piece

Week 26 (Jun 27) - One of My Country's Symbols (again no, but I think these are really sweet!)

Lampwork and Tourmaine Earrings

Fingers crossed I am hoping to get more blogging in this month, so my poor abandoned blog should be feeling more loved, so I will see you all very soon!


AJE COM Theme: Fireflies

Today is the reveal day for Art Jewelry Element themed component of the month and our theme... Fireflies. Unfortunately I have never seen a firefly, we don't get them where I live, but I imagine they would be a wonderful and magical sight, rather dreamy and fairy like!

My idea was to make a mixed metal bead, copper and silver with a touch of sparkle from a little tear drop yellow sapphire.....

While it did not turn out exactly as I wanted it (I wanted to add silver grass but just could not get it to look right) I do really like it. 

It definitely did need a touch more silver tho, maybe I will try again with the grass or two fireflies next time? 

I really enjoyed making this piece tho and shall try a few more beads like this!!! Thanks Jen for the wonderful challenge! I hope you will join me visiting the other participants to see what everyone else created.... 

Guest Designers:



Today I am joining in with Therese and Christine's A Time To Stitch Seven Bead Embroidery hop, So let me start by saying that I am not a seed beader, I own some because while shopping at bead shows they have lots of them on display, and they are lovely colours and I am weak willed, "oh pretty shiny, I am sure I will use them some how!" But I do like to try new things so I joined in again, to give it a good, and this time I managed to make some thing, well after a few tangles and a fair few knots that is.....

Unfortunately it is not a finished piece of jewellery (wow dose sewing tiny beads take ALOT of time) but I did finish the embroidery bit. It's an old Spanish coin, I even sewed on the backing thingy....

And I am rather happy with this one, I do have plans for what it will turn into as well....

I'm thinking cap the spike with silver and copper like I did for my Bead peeps piece and attempt an beaded and metal chain of some kind!!

I rather enjoyed the sewing part so I started another coin....

I'm thinking maybe a few of these all linked together and because I have creative attention deficit disorder I also started making these....

These little tiny's are going to be earrings, so now I am on a mission to finish these pieces, before I start any more!

A massive thank you to Therese and Christine for hosting such a fun and challenging hop and I do hope you will join me, hopping around to see what the other partisapants have created....

                                              1.       Therese (Host) 
2.       Christine  (Host)
3.       Amy
4.       Lola
5.       Lori F
6.       Kim
7.       Becky Pancake
8.       Karin G.
9.       Debbie (Kepi)
10.   LizE
11.   Maryanne
12.   Paula
13.   Wendy
14.   Janet
15.   Jasvanti
16.   Ginger
17.   Alicia
18.   Bobbie
19.   Shirley
20.   Sarah
21.   Cynthia
22.   Lizzie
23.   Samantha
24.   Sally
25.   Niki
26.   Karen W.


May Year of jewelry project

So I seem to have pretty much given up on the themes but here are my Year of Jewellery makes for May
Week 18 (May 2) - Birthstone of the Month: Emerald (it has green in it?)
This piece was made for the Bead Peps Swap n Hop....

Week 19 (May 9) - My Mom's Favourite Colour (Can't say I know what my mum's favorite colours is!!)

Week 20 (May 16) - The Elements (they came from the earth?)

Week 21 (May 23) - Victoria's Secret (secret locket)

Week 22 (May 30) - Mixed Media (glass by the lovely Jen Cameron of Glass Addictions, peridot and silver)!


AJE Component of the Month Challenge - May Reveal

Art Jewelry Elements component of the month for May was provided by the fabulous Susan Kennedy of Suebeads and were a super cute pair of beaded beads....

This is the pair I received and I absolutely LOVE them, they are just so wonderfully dainty and the colours are beautiful!

These beaded beads really are just the perfect size for earrings and would have made such a beautiful pair but I really wanted some thing that I could keep for myself (yep they are that pretty) and I don't like to wear dangly earrings as my two year old toddler likes to tug them out...ouch!

So, I came up with this necklace, simple and summery it reminds me of fluffy clouds in a summer sky.  At the moment it is on a rather thin necklace as this is all I had to hand but I intend to change this out for a long thick ball chain to match the bracelet...

Supper simple and really light weight. I really wanted one of these beaded beads on a bracelet so I could keep looking at it! But I did not want to over power it by using lots of other beads, the main goal was to keep it simple so I soldered some jump rings on to some ball chain and made a little handmade clasp and it is almost done.

I do how ever think it needs a little some thing else, maybe a little charm, some thing dangly? One thing is for sure tho I shall be hiding it away from my teenage daughter, no way this set is ending up in her summer wardrobe!
I would like to thank Sue for the wonderful beaded beads and I hope you will join me in the blog hop to see what everyone else has created.....


Creating with Cabochons

Hello lovely people, today I am participating in the lovely Sally Russick's blog hop, Creating with Cabochons. 
So cabs, it would seem are just as addictive as beads with all there beautiful shiny loveliness and  I may possibly have been building up a bit of a hoard so what better excuse then a blog hop to actually 
use some of them!
Here's a little peep into some of my preciousess....

The cute little shiny ones.

The designer hand cut special ones.

Even some artisan made stunning ones!

Yes so I have issues with my hoarding tendencies it would seem, but they are not the only problems I was going to have during this post!
I signed up with the idea of using one or more of my special cab's, see I have ideas for most of them but not always the courage/skills to make what it is I envision, so this was the perfect excuse to just get on with it!

This little beauty is one of my favourites, a beautiful Prehnite 19mm x 13mm and 7mm tall, perfectly petite and such a lovely colour. The plan for this stone was that it would become a beautiful pendent, wrapped in a 9ct gold bezel with a backing plate of silver for a lovely contrast, with a beautiful question mark shaped bail on the back like the amazing Lexi Ericson shows on her DVD! 
The plan did not work out!
I had a 'Do Not Solder Day' one of the days that no matter what you do, it dose not work! 
Normally at the first signs of one of those days I would walk away and try again another day, but this time I was on a dead line and persistence is key, right?? Wrong!!!

It would seem gold bezel is very different to silver bezel, it is very stiff and hard to shape. My first attempt at a bezel was too big, but no problem I just cut a small section out and re soldered it, but then it was too small,  that's was fine tho, it was just a little small and I could stretch it to make it fit. After 30 minutes of trying to slowly stretch it, it fit! A beautiful snug fit that I then could not get off!

Still I was on a mission,  so I stretched it a tiny bit more and finally had the perfect fit, then while cleaning it up I dropped it in the bin, yep in the bin, a whole bin full of rubbish. At this point I should have given up but it was the only piece of gold bezel I had and I was not letting the bin keep it so I waded through the mound of horrid rubbish, taking out one piece at a time until at the very end I found my shiny piece of gold then I cleaned it up and cut out the back plate and tried to solder the two together.... it did not work, but that's OK I love a challenge so I cleaned it all up again and gave it a second try..... Nope, not working, but hey I don't like gold that much any ways so I will just make up a silver setting.....or not, because on a Do Not Solder Day, I just can not solder, Fact!!! 
But rather then leaving you with a failed attempt and a pile of blackened metal I though I would show you the other cab pieces I have managed to create this month....

Hare treasure locket, with a moonstone cab and 

Stacker ring with tiny 4mm peridot cab and lampwork daisy by the amazing Jen Cameron of Glass Addictions.

Luckily 'Do Not Solder Days' are few and far between! I do hope you will join me in seeing what the other participants have created, and thank you Sally for hosting this great challenge (I have not completely given up on my pendent and shall try again)!

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