Eye candy update

Good morning wonderful people! I can not believe how quickly time is going at the moment. Summer holidays started yesterday (and already I am on the strong coffee). We have singed up for book challenges at the library, goggled clubs and activities in the local area, came up ideas for projects and activities and still I do not feel prepared!

I have also been busy making these recently for the Bits of NikNats shop (a fair few have sold already)....

Gem connectors

That look just like treasures from a pirate's ship, and also....

 Painted Farthings and coin clasps and I am working on another batch of painted peacock coins to go in the shop....

If you would like to keep updated on whats going in the shop and hopefully soon competitions, you can join my facebook page here. I feel very blessed to have lots of amazing and talented customers creating beautiful work such as....

 This stunning bracelet by the very talented Suhana of Buttoned Up Beads, I love these colours and look at all those beautiful art beads, she is also having a giveaway on her facebook page! Also these beauties....

By my wonderful friend Carol Rigby (This looks so very glamarous and I can picture it being worn with a beautiful little black dress with a cute big blue silk bow around the waist, very classy with just the right amount of bling) and also....

Again by my fab friend Carol, what a beautiful way to finish off a pearl necklace, how great this will look with short hair or a beautiful updo what great detail!
I have such very talented customers! I have not had as much time to make jewellery as I would like (too many ideas for bits of and a few commissions that I am working on) Bit I did get to practise my sawing skills on this one....

A sweet chainmaille charm bracelet for a lucky lady, a gift for no reason other then to say I love you, from her kind mother, the sort of gift that every one loves an unexpected one! x

Have an amazing day x


Made with Bits of NikNats

Well it has been a long time since my last blog, but I have been rather busy! The Bit's of NikNats shop has been doing alot better then I thought it would, so I have been spending alot of time making up these....

Coin clasps and buttons and....

 Coin lentil beads!

I have been blessed with many wonderful customers, some of which have shared there creations with me and have kindly said I can show them here....

This first one has been made by the multi talented Bo of Bo Hulley Beads The beaded beads are from The Curious Bead Shop (I need to get some of these), the spotty glass is from Earthshine beads (love her headpins) and a couple of the ceramic polka dot beads are by Bo herself (I have quiet a collection of Bo's beautiful ceramic pieces), I love the red and turquoise together it's so vibrant!

These next two bracelets are both by the lovely Carol Rigby....

Aren't the wire wrapped pearls and lampwork beads fab! As is....

 I love all the pearls in this one, and how Carol has wire wrapped them all in place.

This last beauty is by the wonderfully talented Suhana of Buttoned Up Beads, Can't you just see this one being worn with a beautiful light floaty summer dress, while sipping champagne on a hot summers evening? If you are a jewellery lover you really should check out her shop!

I love how each person puts their own unique spin on my bits, and really enjoy seeing what other people have created. I even had a few spare minutes to create a bracelet myself....

A black coin button with stunning lampwork beads by Kerri Beads, Tho it needs a bit of tinkering to Finnish it off!

Thanks for popping by, Hopefully it wont be so long before I post again.
Have a great day x


Introducing Bits Of NikNats

For BSBP please click here x

I have been thinking about opening up a supply shop of sorts for a while now but did not know what sort of things I would put into it, well after such wonderful feed back about my bead soup pieces and the amazing bracelets that my wonderful partner Kristina made I decided to open....

So far there is only a few bits in there such as a few of these cuties...

Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament?

But I am hopeing to add a couple of coin clasps and buttons as soon as I can (toddler alowing). If you like what you see why not stay up to date with what I am making on my Bits of NikNats facebook page! Have a great day wonderful people! x


Bead soup

Hello lovely people and welcome to my Bead Soup Post, firstly I would like to thank our fabulous host Lori who has been totally amazing managing to set this all up even with every thing she is going through she is an inspiration to us all, and second I would like to thank my wonderful partner Kristina for sending me such a lovely soup and being a wonderful partner!

As seems to be tradition with these soups I got most of the work done last minute even when they are put back, quiet literally I finished my pieces at midnight and have only just finished photoing!

So I should properly start off by showing you what I got sent....

Aren't the colours beautiful! My first thoughts were to wire wrap the focal and hang it off a simple chain but that did not work (my wire wrapping skills are not as good as I had hoped) so in frustration I put it back in the bowl and started playing with the clasp instead....

Never one to do some thing easy and liking to be different I decided to use the clasp as a focal, I flipped it over, hammered a texture onto it, then popped it into the liver of sulphur and buffed it up, added a few amazonite beads, a lampwork spacer by the very talented Laura Sparling and a tiny ball chain (here is another photo as I don't really like this one on the white background)....

So back to my focal and I just kept thinking how lovely it looked with the light shinning through it and it would be such a shame to put it on a necklace as you would not get to see that, this thinking lead me to the idea of making it into a sun catcher!!! Then I saw the beautiful card that Kristina sent with my soup and inspiration struck....

How cute are these owls! 
Well we have been having a problem with mess maker having night terrors, to the point where bedtime is just full of stress for all of us, so maybe instead of a sun catcher how about a dream catcher?
I sawed out a little owl shape and added the detail using a mini flat head screwdriver and a hammer (this was a lot of fun and I will defiantly be doing this again!)

I talked the idea of dream catchers through with mess maker and then she informed me of how this will work (she has such a great imagination and loves explaining things)! If she has any nightmares then the owl with catch them and fly them away while she sleeps and if she has any good dreams they will get caught in the bead so they stay with her and she can have them ones again, how sweet is that! 

We will be trying it out tonight, It will hang from the bottom of her bunkbed so in the morning it will still act as a sun catcher, keep your fingers crossed for us please. I also made up these too...

I used one of the green spacers and the lovely stripy green bead in this bracelet along with a butterfly by Mandrel beads and clasp and wingding by The Fab Genea, I made the copper hoop from Cindy Wimmers missing link book and gave it a salt water patina and then added a little hammered copper lentil bead, I do like this bracelet it's very me, an eclectic mix of lovelies that is great for fiddling around with. I also made a pair of earrings....

With the headpins and a couple of the spacers, simply hung on my fancy ear wires and I still have plenty of leftovers to play around with, Please do go visit my increadbly talented partner Kristina, I just had a peep at what she had made and WOW you will not want to miss it!!!

I hope you all have an amazing day and enjoy the hop!


U - Unfinished

Unfinished creative work

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An unfinished work is creative work that has not been finished. Its creator may have chosen never to finish it or may have been prevented from doing so by circumstances outside of their control, such as death. Such pieces are often the subject of speculation as to what the finished piece would have been like; sometimes they are finished by others and released posthumously

So it's defiantly not any thing near as drastic as death stopping me from finishing my UFO'S just my awfully short attention span. I get an idea in my head and more often then not I start it and then need to wait for something to come in the post to complete it, and by the time it comes I have moved onto the next project/shiny thing! 
Shhhhh Don't tell anyone but this is what I mean....

See this box this is where I hide them, There are not as many as there once was, it is a problem that I am trying to fix....

So only about half a box left to go (approx 30 little bags) but I am getting there, and I'm sure there are people out there that have more!!!???

Have a great day x

T - Texture

A - Z


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Surface Texture is the local deviations of a surface from a perfectly flat plane. The measure of the surface texture is generally determined in terms of its roughnesswaviness and form.
There are many ways to produce surface textures. They include grinding, polishing, cutting, lapping, blasting, honing, electric discharge machining (EDM), milling, lithography and laser texturing.

 Textured bead caps

Textured earrings

have a great day! x


S - Silver

A - Z


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Silver is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Ag (Greekάργυρος árgurosLatinargentum, both from the Indo-European root *arg- for "grey" or "shining") and atomic number 47. A soft, white, lustrous transition metal, it possesses the highest electrical conductivity of any element and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal. The metal occurs naturally in its pure, free form (native silver), as an alloy with gold and other metals, and in minerals such as argentite and chlorargyrite. Most silver is produced as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead, and zinc refining.
Silver has long been valued as a precious metal, used in currency coins, to make ornaments, jewelry, high-value tableware and utensils (hence the term silverware) and as an investment in the forms of coins and bullion

Silver is my metal of choice, I love the colour, it is easy to work with not as expensive as gold but still has the whole precious thing going for it and it takes patinas well.

And because every post needs a picture here is what I got up to a few days ago, kids at school baby having a nap so I headed to the coffee shop to sit and make some jewellery over a vanilla latte  (still trying to be less of a hermit)!

Smile! x

R - Reticulation

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Not from wikipedia as they did not have the information I wanted.

" The dictionary definition of reticular is "In the form of a network" and the reticulated is "having veins, fibers or lines crossing like a network, as in a leaf". These definitions accurately describe the appearance of metal after a particular type of heat treatment has been applied, a process that is known as reticulation. "
Info from The New Encyclopedia Of Jewelry Making Techniques by Jinks McGrath

So the short version goes like this.... you anneal and pickle your sterling silver sheet metal several times to bring a layer of fine silver to the surface then you do it once again but this time you keep heating carefully until you see the surface metal starting to move, this happens because the fine silver and the sterling silver have different melting point, you then continue heating trying hard not to melt the piece until you get the effect you want.
Now I was only practising on scraps of metal but for a first attempt I like them!....

The heart still needs to be pickled but I can see these as cute little old looking charms maybe with a little something set on them, ancient treasures!

Have a lovely day wonderful people x

Q - Quenching

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In materials sciencequenching is the rapid cooling of a workpiece to obtain certain material properties.

Basically in my case dropping a piece of hot metal into cool water, I do this just after annealing to soften the metal, so it is easier to work with.

These have been done and domed so that I can make more treasure necklaces....

and I have these still to do.....

Have an amazing day!


P - Polishing

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface by rubbing it or using a chemical action, leaving a surface with a significant specular reflection.


Other polishing processes include:

I tend to use my tumbler for polishing if I can, it is great for things like jump rings and chainmail but not so good for things with delicate part ie soft stones and bumpy lampwork.

Here are some jump ring pre and post tumbling, can you tell which is which?

And here is my beloved tumbler, my most expensive and most used tool!

This is one of my custom orders all polished up, A coin locket with a garnet (birth stone for January) this one I had to use a dremel type machine to polish because the coins get a mottled effect on them if you tumble them!

Have a great day x