March COM

March Theme Challenge Reveal-Amulet Bags

Our theme for the March challenge was chosen by the wonderful Cathy Spivey Mendola and was Amulet bags. Now I have never thought much about amulet bags and have throughly enjoyed finding out about them but, oh my the possibilities and where to start?
First stop Pinterest where I found this amazing tutorial to make a leather bag for a doll....

Now it's very much a work in progress, I'm thinking about mounting a set stone on the front where the tiny safety pin is and a few ceramic feathers in the fringe maybe?

Or possibly just a hoop through the flap so the safety pin can be used as a faster?

My next idea was a small leather pouch but the shape is not quiet right and the draw string holes were punched much too high up for my liking, so I will have to try this idea again!

But I do really like the headpin mounted in the leather. 

This next one is a cute little draw string bag I made from a wonderful tutorial I found on Youtube, which was made to hold my new Runes!

It has a draw string closure (with some lovely sparkly ribbon) and a wonderful silver set square coin attached to the ribbon, to make it a little more me!

This next one is my favourite, made from lots of old 'stuff' I had stuffed in my draws....

Also still a work in progress.... the old piece of metal on the flap needs a couple more rivets, there needs to be some purple silk or some kind of stunning fibbers hanging form the old buckle with the leather and oh the chain I am going to make to hang it off, think amethyst and jasper and lots of metal!!! 
I also have three other bags cut out and waiting to be sewn up, one thing I have found is that hand sewing leather is very hard work and even with the help of a leather punch, pliers are a must!

Thank you so much Cathy for such an inspiring Challenge, now I hope you will join me and see what every one else created....
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February COM

February's COM was provided by our uber talented Jenny Davies-Razor and were these beautiful polymer hearts, mine was a wonderful deep burgundy colour....

My first plan was to wire wrap it but I could not come up with the right design plus it's gold and I very rarely work with anything gold! So I put it down on a scrap of leather I was working with to contemplate and suddenly I had an idea!

Another journal! 
Just before christmas one of the local independent stationary shops was closing down and I brought a stunning little gold book when the lovely owner (we shopped there quiet often due to my stationary addiction) gifted me the shop display copy for free as it had a slightly scuffed up front cover!!!! 
I loved the slash in the leather and thought that the gold would look lovely shining through it.

I really had so much fun adding a beaded edge (I am rather scared of seed beads, too many colours/sizes/options so the fact I enjoyed edging this was a surprise to me, I may have to try edging a few more things). 

Unfortunately it is one of those things that look better in real life then it dose in photographs (the colours are all slightly off on the screen) but I did manage to catch the gold flash on camera! 

and then there is those beautiful gold pages.

Thank you so much Jenny for the wonderfully inspiring hearts you may have cured my seed bead phobia!

Please join me to see what everyone else has created....

Art Elements team: 


January AE COM

January's Art Elements COM was sent to us by our wonderfully talented Lindsay Starr and were these amazing painted leather cabs....

I could not stop thinking how mine looked like some sort of mystical egg! My first thought was that I was going to make some sort of wall hanging so I set about making a wire bezel for my egg.

Then I chose a piece of beautiful burr wood that I brought forever ago (I am all about using up my vast supplies at the moment).

This is a small piece of it, I then waxed it to a beautiful shine and started playing, and it seems my muse is stuck on dragons and books at the moment because this is what I came up with....

I throughly loved making this piece as I got to saw, solder, drill, problem solve, rivet and wire wrap all in one piece!

The hand sawn copper dragon has been riveted 4mm proud of the backing wood so it has a slight shadow. It closes with a charming green and gold ribbon that Linsday also sent me....

and of course it has stunning lampwork head pins by the wonderful Jen Cameron (that I may possibly have been hoarding)!

The back has this lovely quote from Iiona Andrews, Fate's Edge.

Thank you so much Lindsay for hosting this wonderful COM! I do hope you will all join me to see what the others have created....


December Theme Challenge Reveal – Dragons

Today is the day for the Art Elements Dragon reveal! I have throughly loved this challenge and had so very many ideas but as is always the way there is more inspiration then time and I only managed to create one of my designs, so I think this may well be a theme throughout the year!

For christmas I was very lucky to receive the most amazing hand crafted book (from an incredible Secret Santa) that has reignited my love of book binding!
So after quiet a few hours here is what I came up with....

Made with a butter soft leather this book is designed to keep all the funny things and cute photos of my little dragon (born 2012 Chinese year of the dragon). 

Hopefully the Chinese symbol for Dragon!

The pages have all been stained with coffee, brown paint, splattered with gold ink and the edges have all been burnt and it smells amazing, mmmm coffee! 

It has a mixture of different types of papers all hand stitched together....

Including this cool map wrapping paper that I just love!

The designs on the front and back covers have been burnt on with a pyrography set I was given for christmas.

The shield behind the dragon is stamped with this quote 
"I desired dragons with a profound desire, of course, I in my timid body did not wish to have them in the neighbourhood, but the world that contained even the imagination of Fafnir was richer and more beautiful, at whatever the cost of peril."
J. R. R. Tolkien

and it has an egg shaped turquoise set on the front.
Now all I have to do is fill it and create a little box for it!

I hope you have enjoyed this challenge as much as I have and I really can't wait to see what everyone else has created....


AJE Team


AE Component of the Month – October

Welcome to AE October's COM reveal! Our component this month was made by our amazing leader Jen Cameron and looked like this....

Arn't they wonderful! I choose the 3rd skull on the top row and almost (as always) forgot to photo it before crating. 

 I love the colours on this skull and knew straight away what I wanted to do with it, which is unusual!
So out came all of the wire and the pliers and after a few days of frustration here is what I created....

I could not help thinking that it was such a wonderful bright skull so I made it into a day of the dead inspired hair pin.

With a crown of beautiful garnets, and here is what it looks like in....

Thank you Jen for the wonderful lampwork, and I am throughly looking forward to seeing what everyone else has created.

Guest Designers
Art Elements Team


September Theme Challenge Reveal - Trees

Septembers AJE theme picked by the wonderfully talented Caroline was trees and what a wonderful theme! 
Heart Shaped Tree in London

I found Caroline's post very inspiring and had so many idea's but as always time runs away and I only managed to create a few of the things I wanted to....

Tree of Life Pendant

I'm still trying to master basic skills on wire wrapping and so I headed straight to YouTube to find a suitable tree of life tutorial and I found this one by the Amazing Oxana Crafts (she also has several other tree of life tutorials including a ring and a bangle and many others that I would love the time to create)!
After making this one I was feeling a little braver and so I started looking around for something a little more complicated and I came upon a tutorial on Etsy for a framed tree of life pendent by Julie Hulick of Copar Aingeal (click link to see the tutorial) I loved the frame and the swirls that finish it off, but unfortunately this is still a work in progress....

The Beautiful Stone was a Gift From Diana

I did however also have time to finish off a beautiful paper cut design by the brilliant Paper Panda that I totally LOVE and was fortunate enough to find the perfect frame (in a charity shop of all places)....

Design by Paper Panda

This one I shrunk down to just 3 inches and so it looks super cute! I still have lots of idea's and a few more in progress pieces for this theme and I have throughly enjoyed this month so a massive thank you to Caroline for the inspiration! 

I do hope you will join me and see what everyone else has created....

AJE Team



AJE Headpin Challenge Reveal

Welcome to the Art Jewellery Elements Headpin Challenge Reveal!
It should come as no surprise that I love headpins, as I use a LOT of them in my designs (the rings are made with Jen's wonderful lampwork headpins set in silver)....

And it is fair to say I have quiet a large stash of beautiful lampwork headpins in my hoard....

In fact the only thing I was missing for this challenge was extra time, so mine is a work in progress!

My original idea was a set of earrings made with lampwork pins with some beautiful wire wrapping detail, so off I set in search of wire wrapping tutorials (as I am still very much learning wire wrapping) and then I came across this beautiful tutorial by Iza Malczyk and then I got to making and as all the best laid plans do, my design changed! I found the wire wrapping seemed to bulk up the headpin quiet a lot and it suddenly seemed to big for earrings.....

So I got brave, raided my hoard and decided that it would go wonderfully with one of my never ever used before Anne Choi beads (I have been too scared to use them) and it will be finished off with this amazing London Blue Topaz (which will be elaborately wire wrapped also).

So my love affaire with headpins continues! I do hope you will join me in hopping over to all the other blogs to see what every body else has created.


AJE Team Members:


AJE Fossilised Pebbles - July Component of the Month Reveal

July's AJE component of the month was supplied by our super talented Lesley Watt of  THEA Elements, and here is her beautiful group shot of what she was sending out....

I received the beautiful blue one on the second row and as soon as it arrived in the post I just fell in love!

When I first saw the photo of these pieces I was thinking Oh, I know what I want to do with this piece, I want to cut off the loops, prong set it on a sheet of copper with another ammonite cut out of the back and a couple of tube set CZ on the bottom left, but then.... I put it in my hand, and it is just so tactile! So much so that I could not bring myself to cover the back so instead I did this.....

I added a chunky sterling chain, a prong set coin and a beautiful lampwork head pin by the Bead Fairy with a thick rustic silver bead cap....

I hope you will join me on the blog hop to see what everyone else has made


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