AJE Reveal Day

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Last month I got very lucky and won a guest spot to play along with the Art Jewelry Elements team and their component of the month, as soon as I saw the post with the beautiful dragon guarding his hoarded treasures I thought "oh look that's me, must enter!" and I am so glad I did because this is the treasure I won.... 

It is a supper stunning Lampwork focal from the very talented Susan Kennedy of Sue Beads, oh and I loves it, so much (my precious)! 
If there was not a deadline with which to create some thing with this little treasure I can say with out a doubt that it would remain hoarded, placed upon my bead display and occasionally taken down to stroke and caress, with the excuse that I do not have anything that goes with it! When in reality most of my beads would go with this little lovely as it has all the colours that I love, oh and the amazing texture!

OK so you get that I LOVE the bead, now the next part was the hardest, committing it to a design! So many of my beads are in these beautiful browns and blues that the possibility's seemed endless, So I placed it on a sheet of white paper on my dinning table and slowly started adding trinkets and treasures, for what seemed like an eternity, I added piles of pearls, shiny brown looking pebbles, sea shells (all seemed to have a sea type theme) until I came up with my final design, that was nothing like what I originally envisioned.....

This piece was an absolute pain to photo, but never the less I tried. It's just one of those pieces that look better in the flesh!

Here it is being modelled by my rather cheeky daughter who tried to claim this piece.... erm NO, bad teenage child, place it on the table and slowly walk away!

I went rummaging through my treasure chest (well technically it's a very old spice chest but I use it for my treasure) and pulled out some little loveys that I thought would go with the focal....

So there is a prong set Roman coin, and sweet little prong set ammonite, a blue chalcedony set onto a three pence coin connector....

This supper little Larimer set in silver that was a wonderful gift from the lovely Lori Anderson, a faceted dark pearl and a supper cute but can't remember the maker (I think it was a gift) lampwork bird!
So there you have it, my finished design!

It's a keeper! Now I am off to get yet another cup of coffee and enjoy looking at what everyone else has made and if you would like to join me here are the links.....

I hope you have a wonderful day lovely people and if it is snowing where you are, Stay safe xxx


January Year of jewelry project

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I joined up with the facebook The Year of Jewelry Project again this year and although I think I have shown most of these I thought it would be nice to have them all in a post together with the weekly themes (which I am trying hard to stick to), so here goes....

Week one - A Personal Talisman for my Year

These hidden treasure locket have by far been my most popular design ever, also six pence's are supposed to be lucky in the UK!

Week two - Birthstone of the Month: Garnet

This piece was a special commission for the daughter of a very lovely lady. It's extra special as the coins are from the recipients year of birth (I hope she likes it)!

Week three - Try a Tutorial!

This piece is from the AMAZING book by Lisa Barth, Timeless Wire Weaving and I love it!

Week four - Hammer It!

The start of my modern princess collection, Cinderella Earrings. Disc's coin hammered.

Week five - Squares

This week I was rather busy with a last minute commission, so I made super sweet and simple prong set moonstone studs!

Have a wonderful day lovely people x


Grow Your Blog Party

Hello wonderful people and welcome to my post for Vicky's Grow your Blog Party!

My name is Niky, I'm 33 and I am a stay at home mum to three wonderfully charming monsters ranging in age from 15 to two and a spare child of 14 that I have picked up along the way. I live in Surrey, England.

 Me, my other half and the child formally known as mess maker!

I am very defiantly the creative type and am not happy unless I am making something! My main hobby is jewellery and jewellery component making also know as bead collecting/hoarding....

My treasure lockets made from old coins

A little more about me....
  • I love DIY, have been known to do embroidery, made the odd teddy bear and I have just started to enjoy paper cutting too! 
  • I love all things handmade.
  • I suffer with a seriously short attention span and am so easily distracted it's a wonder that I ever complete anything! 
  • Hmmmm what else to tell you? 
  • Oh I'm a chocoholic and a coffee addict thanks to too many late nights and early mornings not due an excessive party life unfortunately as I am some what of a hermit and don't like crowds, but mostly due to my littlest whom apparently dose not need as much sleep as a normal human!
  • Don't tell anyone but I am also painfully shy!
  • Oh and I love antiques even items that other would consider as rusty old junk, I am rather partial to a bit of rust!
  • I can be very random and consider myself to be 'quirky' 
  • I love shiny sparkly things
As we are so close to Valentines I have decided to giveaway these lovely little earrings....

ROMANCE handmade sterling silver earrings

Sterling silver, glass, crystals

These charming sterling silver dangle earrings are made with the sweetest light pink crystals and stunning purple and baby pink spotted tiny lamp work beads.

They hang at just under 1.5 inches and catch the light beautifully!

To be in with a chance of winning please just leave a comment and a way for me to contact you should you win I will announce the winner of 15th Feb. Good luck and thanks for stopping by xxx


Swap N Hop info

Hello wonderful people and welcome to my post for the Swap and Hop just sharing a little info on moi....

1. Why or how did you get started making jewelry?

I started making jewellery about 5 years ago when I left work to look after my youngest daughter. I was looking for a hobby and stumbled across a how to make jewellery blog then I discovered lampwork beads and metal clay and I was hooked!

(most recent make)

2. What style(s) of jewelry do you like to make?

I don't think I have a style, A lot of what I make is inspired by the art bead or the focal that I am working with and alot of the time I just see where that takes me, some times the end result is rather surprising!

3. What materials do you prefer to use (and which ones do you avoid)?

I am an utter Art Bead junky who is ever so slightly completely addicted to lampwork beads and more recently cabochon stones, I have a wonderful small but growing collection of boulder opals, labradorites and druzys, I love the colour flashes and how magical they look!
I also have a slight addiction to old coins, keys, locks, roman glass and other such bits that non-creative's call junk, I love old things with a story!

4. What techniques do you prefer (and are there any you don't like)?

I like to work with metal, be it wire or sheet, I know a few basic metal smithing techniques, am self taught so nothing too technical, but I do love learning and trying new things!

5. What colours do you use most, and which do you run screaming from?

I am a sucker for blues and greens, I love pastel colours or more gemmy colours but show me orange, yellows and reds and I am completely at a loss as to what to do with them!

Have a wonderful day x


Inspired by a six year old!

Kids are wonderful arnt they!? This is one of mine (the middle one)....

Formally known here as Mess Maker (a name that she now finds offensive even if it IS still true), she likes to be called Princess!
Six years old and she already has her life planed out, she is going to be a Scientist and an Artist! Here she is taking a photo of the beautiful castle we were in and this is her photo....

And here she is looking all grown up and very serious in here reading glasses....

Any who it is her addiction to all things Princesses that have inspired my latest earrings....

Can you guess which princess tho? Heres a not so subtle clue....

A modern Cinderella?!

Now I am itching to make more for all the other princesses! I guess your never too old to love fairy tails!

Have a wonderful day people x


January Giveaway

Well first of all Happy New Year! Late I know but the new year dose not really start until the kids all go back to school and life returns back to normal right? Well for me that is tomorrow, so really I am early!
My word for the year is Create! I have really missed having the time to make things over christmas holidays while the kids have been off school, there is always so much to do but I did sneak in a little making time....

This was a Christmas gift for my nephew, it's a wonderful free paper cut template from the amazing Paper Panda mounted in a box frame over a vintage super man comic, he loved it! But this lead to my daughters asking for one each, luckily she also has a beautiful selection of designs for purchase on her web site....

The girls were over the moon about these but I warn you these are addictive! 

Any who January brings with it another giveaway and here it is....

I have gone for a old/rustic looking theme with this month. Lots of Roman glass, a cute pendent and two pairs of metal thingys I may well throw in a few other little bits and bobs that I have laying around too, Same deal as normal....

So here's what you have to do....

Leave a comment on this blog post!!!

Easy as that, of course if you would like more chances to win you could....

Please leave a separate comment for all of the things that you do(if you are already a follower of my blog/shops/pinterest thats fab and you can still enter just leave your comments for each)
every comment is an entry!

This giveaway closes 31st January 12.00 UK time where I will use random number genarator to pick a winner!

and make sure you pop back after 31st to see if you have won!

I wish you all the best of luck and hope that this year is your best yet! x


December Winner

The Random Number Generator has selected and the winner is....

Which is Angela Mullis! Congratulations! I shall email you to get your address

Thank you to everyone that entered I shall be posting Januarys shortly after the New Year so there will be more chances to win!

Have a wonderful christmas, your all such amazing people!!!


Facebook giveaway

This piece was an practice piece, I had an old cracked opal doublet laying around and thought I would try and set it, any who I liked the result so much I can't bring myself to throw it, so to celebrate 100 sales in my etsy shop I thought I would have a giveaway on bits of niknats facebook page.

Here is what you could win....

So why not head on over and enter for your chance to get your hands on these! You could also use the code to get 10% off one of these little lovelies....

I finally managed to get some coin lockets in the shop, Amethyst....

Kyanite and....


And how cute is this little heart!

Have a wonderful Sunday lovely people x


A few makes....

 I thought I would share a few pics of the pieces I have been working on....

I love this piece, the ruby was one of three that I brought many years ago and was hoarding for the right project, they are such lovely stones, well this is the last one and is heading off to it's new home as I type!

These coins are the beautiful Roman coins I got when I went up to London, just across the road from the Victoria and Albert Museum was the sweetest shop full of amazing antiquity's and I could not leave with out buying some thing (I wanted everything, it was all so old and crusty and beautiful)!
Anywho I did not want to spoil the coins so I made a prong setting for them and here they are with a beautiful pair of Amethyst set copper drops, they were in the shop (well one was I may have hoarded the other) for a short time before they flew out along with some of my best ever bits, so I really must get making again!

Have a wonderful day lovely people!


New Desk!

I had so much fun decorating my new bureau that I decided to have a quick peek into the second hand furniture shop.... just to see what they had, with no intention of buying any thing! When I stumbled upon this little beauty.... 

I fell in love instantly and as it was the managers special and had 25% off I decided it was my lucky day and I really must buy it! 
I decided I wanted it to be in the same style as the bureau so I brought the wonderful key handles and set to work painting while eagerly awaiting their arrival, only to stumble upon a dilemma....
My other half's drill was left at his sisters new house and would be for some time and I only had a dremel type flexy thingy which only fitted the very smallest drill bits, buying a new drill just to drill two holes was not an option (storage space is very limited) so what to do? 
First I drilled the biggest holes I could with what I had, they were about 2mm wide and needed to be about 6mm, so my creative thinking cap on I decide I can use my round file and make the holes bigger! Erm no, that did not work and would take about a million years, so be patient and wait for the return of the drill or on to plan B? (serious furniture restorers please look away now)! ....

Using a pair of very sharp scissors and a lack of regard for any of the health and safety rules I have learnt over the years I set at the draws like a mad woman, but it got the job done....

and now I love it even more and it is the perfect fit for my jewellery making corner (Sorry about the awful photos but it's winter here in England and sunlight is a long forgoten thing, seriously it's 8am here and it's still dark outside)!

Yep, I love it!!!!

Have a wonderful day lovely people x

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