December - Art Elements Theme Reveal - Holiday Creations

I LOVE the idea of a handmade Christmas (Kirstie's Handmade Christmas is my favourite TV shows ever and I have learnt of soooo many crafts that I had never even heard of from that show!!!) Every year I try to make more and more things but don't ever really feel that I manage to make very much as Christmas is just so busy, but this year I started much earlier and managed to get a lot more done!

The biggest problem I had was trying to photograph every thing as there was just next to no day light and very little time before finishing a piece and having to package it up to post it off in time, so some things I made I have no photos of! 

This necklace was one of the hardest pieces I have ever worked on! The opal was on a base of sand stone and it kept crumbling away as I was fitting the bezel. Half way through the top half of the opal broke off and I almost gave up, but the stone ended up looking so much better with out the inclusions at the top so I filed it round and kept going, and I am glad I did as I really love this one.

This one I kept! Its an Andamooka opal with a trilobite on the back, handmade chain and I intend to make a trilobite clasp to finish it off.
There was so much more things I made but I think I will need to invest in some kind of daylight lamp and a better camera as the photos did not make the cut! 
I can't wait to see what everyone else created....

AE team: 


Art Elements Theme Challenge - November - Fossi

Thank you all so much for joining in with the November theme challenge, I am so excited to see what everyone has made.

November started off so promising, I had so many ideas. I gathered all of my fossils and stuck them all onto my wooden board....

(Please excuse the awful photos, day light is a distant memory!) I had plans for necklaces, hair pins, scarf pins, crinoid/glass earrings, etc. 
I set about making my fossil moulds....

I then made lots of little silver clay fossils, I spent hours sanding the backs flat, the sides neat and I then fired them in the kiln and....

Melted them into blobs (I should have just used the torch but I thought the kiln would be easier)! At this point I gave up for the day and the next day my boiler leaked through my floor and flooded my neighbour downstairs so I had to have the boiler and water switched off for almost a week, 7 days of no running water and no heating and a hotel stay killed all my mojo so I only managed to make one of the pieces I had planed on (you can't win them all)!

Opals are a complete pain to photo so I also made a little clip so you could see the colours.

Please do take a moment to see what the other participants have created -

I hope you all have a wonderful day x


Art Elements Theme Challenge, October - Eyes

This month our October theme - eyes, was chosen by the wonderful Laney Mead and I have had such a roller coaster of emotions making my piece!

I had these elements blue tacked on my wall for so long, but I never got around to making the piece as I was, well ....scared! This has been the most complicated, the largest and the most expensive piece I have made to date and I was rather worried I would mess it up.

I never normally draw designs but I thought this might help keep me calm! I was hoping for a magical talisman kind of look?!?!

 After two solid days of sawing soldering and hoping, it worked!!!

I still need to make some kind of chain and I may well add more LOS and some more texture as I want it looking older and well loved!

But I'm really happy with how it turned out. It has 14mm amethyst, wolf eyes by Laura Mears, a Tiffany stone, some petrified wood by Designer Cabochons and some touches of gold, plus there is a 14mm moonstone on the back....

With a hand sawn wolf and a cast silver Crinoid star.

Thank you Laney with out your challenge I never would have got around to making this piece!!!

AE Team


September Theme Reveal – Foliage

It's time again for the Art Elements reveal and this months theme, chosen by the amazing Caroline was foliage. I started off this month with out any idea of what I was going to make and then I got inspiration form the life book summit, there was a wonderful lesson by Dar James that shows how to create a beautiful water colour and gesso painting. I did not like the idea of freehand drawing lots of leaves so the neat freak in me made me cut our some templates....

 Then with the help of Dar James I created these.....

Now none of these are finished yet, so lots of works in progress! The green one was my first attempt but I did not like the bold neat lines so I made a couple more attempts, I am thinking I will use the light one and the green to practice on and the bold red one will be for best. Think more detail and the words Hello Autumn in some kind of beautiful lettering!!!!

The little leaf templates ended being used in this piece that I started ages ago from the lesson by Laura Horn, again still not completed but I'm getting there!

I'm defiantly in autumn mode at the moment as I have been photocopying, laminating and cutting out lots of these watercolour leaves to use in our seasonal tree at work, to help our residents with dementia.

Another project I have been working on but have not finished is this little A7 water colour book with goddess focal by the amazing Leslie and matching draw string bag.

The little draw string bag is made from recycled leather from a tobacco pouch and is made to fit this tiny jam jar and mini water colour pallet.

AE Team




The June theme reveal: Selkies – of land and sea

It's that time again, another month has ended (I'm sure the older you get the quicker time seems to go)!
This months Art Elements theme was chosen by the wonderfully talented Jenny Davies-Reazor and was some thing I had never heard of, Selkies! 
I have to say I watched the film - Song of the Sea as Jenny recomended and I fell in love!!! Such a beautiful story with amazing graphics and a beautiful sound track, I was humming the songs for days!!!! 
My first idea was to make a Selkie but I also now have a sketch book full of ideas from the film too!

Unusually I started early this month and I am very thankful for that for I had not realised how much time goes into make an art doll!

It took a lot of trial and error to come up with a pattern for my doll that I was happy with and then I found that you could buy blanc doll forms ready made off Etsy (if I ever make one again, I'm buying pre-made)! 

The doll was painted with acrylic paint and I sewed on some eye lashes and eye brows. Her hair is made from wefts of grey mohair that I put some sparkle strands in. Her top and skirt were made from silk, ribbons and Angelica fibres.

Her Seal coat (made from some very old velvet that I saved from an upholstered bench) has a little seal face on the hood, flippers by her hands and a little tail at the back, with a little goldwork wire stitched in. It's not sewn very well or very neatly but it will do!

I do rather love the cute little seal face!

Thank you so much Jenny for introducing me to the wonderful world of Selkies, I can't wait to see what everyone else has created....


AE team: 


Art Elements, May Theme Challenge Reveal – Forest

Thanks so much Sue for a wonderful challenge, I really enjoyed it. I took the children out exploring some of the local woods for inspiration, we had a picnic lunch and really made a day of it!

and I had sooooooo many plans....

I got out all of my art beads, I even drew up several plans - see the Laura Mears wolf eyes? they were going to be set in metal clay twigs in a prong style setting with the surrounding beads. The owl face bead was going to be wire wrapped into a hair fork and the beautiful orange fox cab by Lesley Watt was going to be mounted on metal to make a pin for my coat. But alas I ran out of month before I even got properly started! But I do have a couple of works in progress.....

This charming hedgehog cab by Caroline shall be set on a metal plate and held in place by little oak leaves and the lovely brass oak leaf by Lesley shall be stiched in place with thread to match the binding (my first attempt at a long stitch binding).

I planned the same sort of thing for this lovely fox cab by Jenny but this book is filled with water colour paper.... still a work in progress!

The only thing I did manage to get finished were these feather and twig paintbrushes, these work really well for super thin lines and are really easy to make!

Please do join me on the hop to see what everyone else has created


AE Team


April Theme Challenge Reveal - Repurposing

As always the month has gone so quickly! I have throughly enjoyed this months Art Elements Challenge set by our wonderful Lesley and I fell into the rabbit hole that is Pinterest looking for ideas! Unfortunately there were more ideas then month but I managed to finish up a few....

First off I took one of those cheap little sayings books that you always find in the charity shop and I turned it into an art journal, this was done by removing half the pages and sticking every other page together for added strength. once the glue was dry I gave each page a layer of gesso (this part took for ever as I had to wait for the gesso to dry before moving on to the next page)! I then added scraps of paper and stamps to the cover with another layer of gesso and this one is ready for adding lots of colour! 

My next idea was to create a junk journal, but I wanted one with a hard cover and an enclosed spine I had not made one of these yet so this was very much an experiment.... 

Every part of this book has been repurposed/recycled. The cover of the book used to be the lining fabric of a upholstered bench (I kept this and a beautiful grey velvet from the bench) that I added water colour paint to, the hard board for the cover is recycled from the back of a water colour pad, the spine (which you can't see) is old sari silk and the pages are and assortment of old ephemera.
This one is a little over 3 inches and rather messy being a first attempt, So I though I would have another go to see if I could get a neater finished item....

This one I like much more! It's bigger at 4 1/2 inches and made of the same things but has a recycled symbol embossed? on the front cover (hand cut from the back of the water colour pad and then glued in place before covering) and this time I did not gesso the pages as they took soooo very long to dry, but there is a lovely mix of old envelopes, music paper and drawings from interesting books! After this one turned out so well I got a little cocky and thought I would try something a little fancier with this beautiful hare focal by our multi talented Caroline....

I love the text in the background and thats what made me want to use it on a book....

But I'm not too sure about this one as it did not turn out as I envisioned it!
I used Carolines focals as the inspiration and mimicked the oval and the swirly edge but I did mine as Celtic and they should have been more art nouveau, still you live you learn!
The focal is set into the cover not just glued on top, but the water colour on the cover looked a little pale so I kept adding more colour, now I'm thinking it would have looked better on a dark leather background!?!

AE Team

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