Febuary Year of jewelry project

Here is what I made for The Year of Jewelry Project in February....

Week six - Birthstone of the Month: Amethyst

coin jewellery
This was a commission piece with two birth years and a birthstone requested the front is an english penny 1998 and the back is a 1943 farthing....

coin locket

Week seven - For My Love

Another commission piece, this one was for a special 30th birthday gift sterling heart with names stamped inside.

Week eight - Ram, Lamb, Ewe

artisan jewellery
Erm yeah so nothing to do with Ram, lamb or ewe, I got a tad stuck on the one!

Week nine - Masquerade

sterling silver ring

This was the piece I used for Sally's make a statement blog hop, Oh how I love these head pins!

February slipped away in a mad rush (mostly due to half term I think) and I did not even get round to posting my February giveaway, but worry not lovely people I shall be posting a March one soon, also I am hoping that now things have calmed down I will find some time to finish off some of my unfinished projects and get around to blogging a bit more and guess what? 

The amazingly wonderful Jen Cameron asked if I would like to join the Art Jewelry Elements team so you will see me over there every other Monday, how cool is that, I love the blog and the women are crazy talented!!!! I hope you all have an amazing day xxx


Make a Statement Challenge

Today I am joining in with the wonderful Sally Russick's Make a Statement Jewelry Challenge.
This one really was a challenge for me as I find that I am normally drawn to making small delicate items of jewellery not really Statement pieces!

A while back I made a ring using one of Jen Cameron's beautiful Lampwork head pins and when the amazing Jen saw it she suggested making a stacker ring with one, so plucking up the courage to part with yet another of my beloved lampwork head pins (You all know I have hoarding tendencies) I got to making and here it is....

stacker ring

I absolutely love the colours in the lampwork, it really is so beautiful. It started off being 3 rings thick but I had to keep adding rings until I felt that the width of the all rings balanced the size of the cab, so six thick it is!

handmade jewellery

I added a small 5x7mm amethyst cab to bring out the purple in the glass, and a small silver blob with two hammered bands to add a bit of texture and interest.
lampwork ring

The only problem is as I have not mastered the art of measuring rings yet, and these ones after all the hammering ended up being too big for my child sized fingers, so into the Hallmarking pile they go!
artisan jewelry
Still I learnt a lot while making these that I will apply to the next set I make, and I found out that I really rather enjoy making rings!

Thank you so much to the lovely Sally for hosting yet another great blog hop, Please take a moment and see what the other participants came up with!

Sally Russick 
Kim Dworak 
Terri Gauthier
Elizabeth Bergesen
Karin Grosset Grange
Paula Kramer 
Patti Vanderbloemen 
Therese Frank 
Beth McCord
Niky Sayers 
and have a wonderful day x


My Bead Peeps Swap 'n' Hop Partner

I would like to introduce you to my partner for the Bead Peeps Swap 'n' Hop, She is the amazingly talented Melissa Trudinger of Boho Bird Jewellery.

I absolutely LOVE Melissa's work, she has a real eye for colour and design, and kindly gave me permission to share with you some of her amazing photos, so here are a few of my favourites....

I totally ADORE this piece, the colours, the textures just every thing about this piece screams treasure!

I love how Melissa has picked out the colours from the pendent in this stunning design and how amazingly neat her wire work is, not to mention the beautiful photographs!

Finally, this piece just makes me smile so much! I love the Love Shack song and the copper stamped pieces Melissa made for this  are pure genius!

I do hope you will pop along to Melissa's lovely blog Bead Recipes and take a look at her beautiful work for your self, or you can find Boho Bird Jewellery here on facebook. Watch this space for a teaser of what i will be sending!


Grow Your Blog Party Winner

Aghh, I am running a little late but here it is! The winner of these earrings....

For the grow your blog hop is....

and number 17 is....

Carol-ann Congratulations if you could please email me your address I shall post your earrings out to you as soon as possible!
I would like to say thank you for everyone who entered and welcome to my new followers.

Have a great day x


Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday 6-10

Part two of the lovely Sally Russicks mini exercise to chronicle everyday life through photography....

Day 6: Minimal
A little doll I am working on for the child formally known as Mess Maker.

Day 7: Daily Chaos...
Prepping/cooking dinner, the most chaotic time of the day, the mess made while cooking (normally from scratch) for six is not some thing for the faint hearted, the repeated "Someone, please play with the baby?" While he runs around the kitchen shouting "Be careful, the oven is hot!" rather exasperating, as is the fact that the very moment the oven get turned on I am suddenly the most popular person ever!

Day 8: Words
I so wanted to photo a ghost sign for this one but the only one I know of is a bus ride away and I REALLY don't like the bus or rather I hate getting on the bus with a buggy, so I went on the wander looking for words in unusual places, but it was a gloomy day and I did not get far!

 Day 9: Night Time Calm
The others are all brilliant at bed time, this one.... he is the rebel, he stays up till midnight then sleeps til 8, even goes with out a nap, I have tried relaxing baths, baby massage, wearing him out, reading to him but nada! Seems some children just don't need to sleep as much!!!

Day 10:  Outside
I am rather taken with this lovely statue and the wonderful star on her head! She stands on top of a rather odd monument with strangely placed glass panels, attached to the most mismatched eclectic looking 16th century church (once attended by Royalty) just down the road from where I live, I really love exploring, the grounds but have only been inside a couple of times as it is only open on Saturday mornings in the summer.


Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday 1-5

I am joining the fab Sally Russick with her Ordinary Extraordinary Every day mini challenge, where every day we follow a photo prompt and see where it takes us....

Day 1:  Reflection

Day 2: Wrapping

Day 3:  Kitchen Ritual

Day 4: Paper

Day 5:  Repetitive Patterns

Now I am off to see what the other participants came up with....Have a great day x


January Giveaway winner

Running a little late (as normal) but here is the winner of the January giveaway....

which is.....

Thank you everyone that entered and Rachel if you could please email me your postal address I shall send out your prize ASAP. Watch this space for the February giveaway lovely people xxx


AJE Reveal Day

Please click Here if you have come via the Grow Your Blog Party x

Last month I got very lucky and won a guest spot to play along with the Art Jewelry Elements team and their component of the month, as soon as I saw the post with the beautiful dragon guarding his hoarded treasures I thought "oh look that's me, must enter!" and I am so glad I did because this is the treasure I won.... 

It is a supper stunning Lampwork focal from the very talented Susan Kennedy of Sue Beads, oh and I loves it, so much (my precious)! 
If there was not a deadline with which to create some thing with this little treasure I can say with out a doubt that it would remain hoarded, placed upon my bead display and occasionally taken down to stroke and caress, with the excuse that I do not have anything that goes with it! When in reality most of my beads would go with this little lovely as it has all the colours that I love, oh and the amazing texture!

OK so you get that I LOVE the bead, now the next part was the hardest, committing it to a design! So many of my beads are in these beautiful browns and blues that the possibility's seemed endless, So I placed it on a sheet of white paper on my dinning table and slowly started adding trinkets and treasures, for what seemed like an eternity, I added piles of pearls, shiny brown looking pebbles, sea shells (all seemed to have a sea type theme) until I came up with my final design, that was nothing like what I originally envisioned.....

This piece was an absolute pain to photo, but never the less I tried. It's just one of those pieces that look better in the flesh!

Here it is being modelled by my rather cheeky daughter who tried to claim this piece.... erm NO, bad teenage child, place it on the table and slowly walk away!

I went rummaging through my treasure chest (well technically it's a very old spice chest but I use it for my treasure) and pulled out some little loveys that I thought would go with the focal....

So there is a prong set Roman coin, and sweet little prong set ammonite, a blue chalcedony set onto a three pence coin connector....

This supper little Larimer set in silver that was a wonderful gift from the lovely Lori Anderson, a faceted dark pearl and a supper cute but can't remember the maker (I think it was a gift) lampwork bird!
So there you have it, my finished design!

It's a keeper! Now I am off to get yet another cup of coffee and enjoy looking at what everyone else has made and if you would like to join me here are the links.....

I hope you have a wonderful day lovely people and if it is snowing where you are, Stay safe xxx


January Year of jewelry project

Please click Here if you have come via the Grow Your Blog Party x

I joined up with the facebook The Year of Jewelry Project again this year and although I think I have shown most of these I thought it would be nice to have them all in a post together with the weekly themes (which I am trying hard to stick to), so here goes....

Week one - A Personal Talisman for my Year

These hidden treasure locket have by far been my most popular design ever, also six pence's are supposed to be lucky in the UK!

Week two - Birthstone of the Month: Garnet

This piece was a special commission for the daughter of a very lovely lady. It's extra special as the coins are from the recipients year of birth (I hope she likes it)!

Week three - Try a Tutorial!

This piece is from the AMAZING book by Lisa Barth, Timeless Wire Weaving and I love it!

Week four - Hammer It!

The start of my modern princess collection, Cinderella Earrings. Disc's coin hammered.

Week five - Squares

This week I was rather busy with a last minute commission, so I made super sweet and simple prong set moonstone studs!

Have a wonderful day lovely people x


Grow Your Blog Party

Hello wonderful people and welcome to my post for Vicky's Grow your Blog Party!

My name is Niky, I'm 33 and I am a stay at home mum to three wonderfully charming monsters ranging in age from 15 to two and a spare child of 14 that I have picked up along the way. I live in Surrey, England.

 Me, my other half and the child formally known as mess maker!

I am very defiantly the creative type and am not happy unless I am making something! My main hobby is jewellery and jewellery component making also know as bead collecting/hoarding....

My treasure lockets made from old coins

A little more about me....
  • I love DIY, have been known to do embroidery, made the odd teddy bear and I have just started to enjoy paper cutting too! 
  • I love all things handmade.
  • I suffer with a seriously short attention span and am so easily distracted it's a wonder that I ever complete anything! 
  • Hmmmm what else to tell you? 
  • Oh I'm a chocoholic and a coffee addict thanks to too many late nights and early mornings not due an excessive party life unfortunately as I am some what of a hermit and don't like crowds, but mostly due to my littlest whom apparently dose not need as much sleep as a normal human!
  • Don't tell anyone but I am also painfully shy!
  • Oh and I love antiques even items that other would consider as rusty old junk, I am rather partial to a bit of rust!
  • I can be very random and consider myself to be 'quirky' 
  • I love shiny sparkly things
As we are so close to Valentines I have decided to giveaway these lovely little earrings....

ROMANCE handmade sterling silver earrings

Sterling silver, glass, crystals

These charming sterling silver dangle earrings are made with the sweetest light pink crystals and stunning purple and baby pink spotted tiny lamp work beads.

They hang at just under 1.5 inches and catch the light beautifully!

To be in with a chance of winning please just leave a comment and a way for me to contact you should you win I will announce the winner of 15th Feb. Good luck and thanks for stopping by xxx

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