The garden has been growing so well concerdring the neglect it has recived since being told that we are moving! 
We have tasted white cucumbers for the first time ever and it went down so well the girl and boy ate the whole thing in one go! (mess maker insisted it was yuck just by looking at it). I have to admit I like green cucmbers more, the white one tasted alot like water melon with out the freshness of normal cucumber, the skin was very tough and I am not a fan of seeds!

Only one green cucumber grew, but yum it was nice! This one again was eatten all in one go (with a small amount of the end saved for our sleepy eyes). It was really juciy and sooo fresh tasting.  

Seeing the veg growing and helpping out has helped no end with getting the girl and boy to eat more veg, if only mess maker liked eatting it as much as she likes picking it!

It seems to have taken forever but masses of tomotoes are finally going red.

The sweetcorn is doing wonderfully. I was told to expect disipointment here as its quiet hard to grow but it seems to be likeing the neglect (lack of watering), and it turns out the fuzzy hair thing that it started sprouting is where the corn grows (hehehehe I just thought it would come out where the flowers were at the top, slightly embarased). 

There are quiet a few corn cobs growing and I can wait till its fully grown! 
I really have learnt alot about the amount of time and effort that goes in to growing veg and am really suprised that there is soo much diffrence in taste between fresh picked and shop brought. I think I will have to visit the local pick your own farm once we move!

Alas the sun flower has still not flowered yet! It stands a huge 7ft high and makes mess maker look like an ant but it looks promising.... any day now!!!

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