100 things that make me happy......

Trying to ticking off some of my day zero list....While waiting for the postman to bring my suplies!!!

100 things that make me happy (well first instalment 1-50)....

1 Quality time with my family (never seems to be enough time)
2 Being told I love you
3 Clear blue skys
4 Films with happy endings
5 Beautiful colors
6 Relaxing
7 Ice cream (mmmmm Haagen Dazs)
8 Someone elce cooking (wonderful other half dose on his days off how lucky am I)!
9 Mess maker singing mama mia songs (her fav film)
10 Hot chocolate on a cold morning (with cream and marshmellows)
11 Beaches
12 Musicals
13 Coffee (white, 3 sugars)
14 Christmas (I LOVE CHRISTMAS)
15 New year
16 Finding sea glass
17 Glass beads (really really nice ones)
18 Sunshine
19 Snowmen
20 Hot baths (with rockstar soap and bath bombs from lush mmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
21 Christmas films (any and all)
22 Christmas songs
23 Twinkling christmas lights
24 Sparkling christmas decorations
25 Fresh white snow (with out footprints)
26 Rainbows
27 Pease and quiet
28 Hugging on the sofa (under duvet)
29 Getting post (especially jewellery suplies)
30 Jumping in puddles (bigger the better)
31 Kicking up (crispy) autum leaves and the crunch they make when you tread on them
32 Stationary
33 Stationary shops
34 Filofaxes (I try to be organised it just has not worked yet)
35 Painting and decorating
36 Making (anything)
37 Reading
38 Finishing things (other half calls me 'half job bob' as I seem to have short attention span...ohhhh butterfly)!
39 Singing (I know I cant but I still enjoy trying)!
40 Jumping on my bed (I don't do this often enough)
41 Heavy leather handmade books
42 The children playing with out fighting (this dose not happen often enough)!
43 Freshly washed bedding
44 Free stuff
45 Catching up with friends (I'm a bit of a hermit)
46 Baking with mess maker
47 The smell of freshly baked goodies
48 Making other people smile
49 Having things to do
50 Reading everyone elces bloggs!

Phew that was harder than I though it would be only another 50 to go.........Think I might need a few days for the rest!!!

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  1. I'm glad someone else likes Christmas as much as me!


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