Introducing "Doo Doo" my impulse Holiday buy....

The DIY sock monster.
When we went down to Cornwall there were so many wacky and colorful things that we just had to buy something a little qurky and I though this was kinda cute.

The kit had every thing needed other then sissors and even came with a sweet! Here he is all made up.....

Hes proving to be quiet popular in our home moving between bedrooms with all the children claiming him!
I'm thinking I might make them up there own personalised sock monster kits as something to do on christmas day??!!!
We are all getting in the christmas mood here and have spent the weekend making paper chains and tree decorations, I even managed to squeze in some soldering (clasps) while they were all asleep for a braclet I'm working on.
Any way as I am sitting here (on top of boxes as I still have not got round to getting a computer chair) wearing a bright pink ballet tutu (that mess maker has made me put on) and I have workmen coming to fix the shower soon I better go and get redressed.
Have a wonderful day xxx

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  1. He's quite a character! No wonder he's so popular.

    My sypathy with your shower problems, I have boiler issues at the moment, grr!

    Edited: Just had a laugh, the word verification was "makea" ... um, make a what? Titter!


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