Many thanks!

I would like to say many, many thanks to my other halfs very kind dad aka smiling monkey.

Not only did he and his kind wife let us invade there new cornish home for a weeks holiday but when he drove round to drop off our holiday goodies he also brought round his laptop for me to use! So thanks to his kindness I can return to the land of blogging!
We had a fantastic holiday in Cornwall, We were lucky enough to visit a wonderful farm that belonged to friends of my other halfs dad.
I have never been so close to a cow and am still quiet suprised at how big they are!

The farm was uterly fantastic! There were beautiful gardens, old ruins, water works, the most beautiful views and a quarry, which both me and mess maker loved (she went over to the largest chunk of polished black sparkling marble and complained that it was too big to put in her backpack, tho she did leave with a few chunks of sparkly granet)!
We also got to go to The Eden project (I have wanted to go there for soooo long).

It was fab, I love all of it from the amazing art work.....

This was carved from the remains of a burnt out boat docks.

Mess maker riding on "Gobo the goat".
to all the stunning flowers......

They even had a water fall....

There was even time to squeze in a visit to the beach....

 Where we managed to collect some lovely pieces of sea glass, tho I reailly must start using it now as I have so much!

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