blogger award

Look my very first blogger award!!!! Given to me by the lovely Midge over at Soggibottom.

Thanks sooo much Midge you've made my day!

so now I need to tell you seven things about me Hmmm....

  • I have a VERY sweet tooth to the point where I think I like sweets more then the kids do!
  • I'm addicted to....

  1. ice cream, Haagen Daz dulce de leche being my most favorite and I think the Haagen Daz cafe in London is my fav place to eat!
  2. Stationary
  3. Books
  4. Filo faxes (no idea why I'm the least organised person ever)
  5. & nice packaging
  • With out my moring cup of coffee I'm very grumpy, my morning cup even has a pic of grummy on it as a warning!
  • I'm very good at seeing things in a positive light 
  • I can get lost any where! (no sence of direction and can't do trains to save my life) 
  • I'm not a great fan of TV and only ever really like to watch the Antiques Road Show, flog it or bargan hunt
  • My Grandad was a hoarder collector of junk stuff all sorts of junk stuff from table lighters (he did not smoke???), to books and clocks and every thing in between. One year my cousens and I (we were quiet young) spent an hour going round all the colcks in the house filling them with batterys/winding them all up and setting the alarms to go off at lunch time and when they did Wow the noise and how fun it was to watch my nan and grandad going round trying to turn all the alarms off (we even managed to hide a few in cubards and under the sofa)
and now to give the award to 15 others.....
(in alphabetical order....)

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