Wow, Firstly I'd like to welcome my new followers and I hope that you are all enjoying OWOH as much as I am!
There are so many fab blogers and fantastically talented artists out there that I'm in awe!
If anyone reading this has not joined in on OWOH and wants to there is still time, you have until 12th Feb!
There is over 700 people joining in and the list keeps getting longer by the day!
Secondly I would like to say a huge Thank You to every one who has entered my OWOH giveaway, The amount of entries has been way more then I ever could have imagined (over 400) So I'm going to add one or two extra 'door prizes' that will be revealed on the 17th when I do the draw (hopefully you'll like them)!
And lastly a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Lisa aka A Whimsical Bohemian for putting in all the hard work and making this fabulous event possible!

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