Do Over Ugly Challenge Blog Hop

Today I'm partisapating in Jeannie of JKD Jewelrys Do Over Ugly Challenge Blog Hop, Basicly we were all sent a piece of old jewellery in need of a make over. 
Here's what I was sent....

I feel bad about taking such an awful before photo, but I was in such a hurry to get started that I did not check the pics before I took it too bits!!!
I would like to say a huge thank you to Jeannie for letting me partisapate, I learnt alot about the colors I like to use and what I do and don't like useing. Basicly I don't like red/orange it did not go nicely with my silver so I had to use copper instead, which is not realy me, I'm a silver girl through and through, but its nice to have a bit of a change now and again....

Any who, this is what it turned into....

I managed to break the cats eye pendent while attempting to wire wrap it(seems wire wrapping is alot harder then it looks), and I did not like the little brass flowers so just worked with the crystals...

Here are the other people partisipating....

Donna  No Blog
Jamie No Blog

Enjoy your day


  1. You managed to really rework this and turn it into something very original and unique. Love the wire work.
    Thank you Niky for participating.

  2. I admire your wire-work. I think Jeannie did a wonderful job of challenging us to think out of the box. The edged bracelets are so popular right now! Beautiful bracelet.

  3. great wirework! i envy anyone who can do wire well. this is gorgeous!!! great colors and it looks comfortable.

  4. I love what you did with the crystals. It's something that I would wear. :-)

  5. That's VERY creative, with a beautiful closure~!

  6. That is a horrible piece, but you've made it a really great one! I love the spacing and the curvature of the metal around the beads.


  7. Wow Niky! You did it again. You are so talented.
    Your piece is vibrant and so beautiful, but it is also timeless.
    Well done for your wonderful wirework.

  8. Beautiful wire work! Great piece!

  9. funky and elegant at the same time. nice!

  10. Moan, moan, moan :-) :-) :-) your challange was worthwhile. What a difference !
    Beautiful Niky :-)xxx

  11. Anonymous26/5/11

    Wow! What a redo! The bracelet is beautiful! I love the clasp too!

  12. Love your links and the great safety pin looking clasp!

  13. Anonymous27/5/11

    I'd definitely wear your bracelet! You'd never know where it started.

    PS. I'm adding your blog to my roll, as I'm enjoying your posts. Can't sign in to blogger right now so I'll just sign here

    Janet, Honey from the Bee

  14. Great wire work, love how you wrapped the center row of beads. The clasp is wonderful too.

  15. Beautiful transformation, really works well.


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