Books and postcards!

It's been another of those strange weeks this week, one where I seem to be constantly busy but don't seem to have much to show for it. I did manage to make one pair of earrings....

Still loveing the simple look!

and sent off some of my stuff for Hallmarking, oh and I stumbled across a couple of really cool web site's I thought I would share with you. The most recient is a site called Read it Swap it.
It is what it says it is, a book swapping site (this one is for the UK but there are many others out there) I listed a few of my metal clay and jewellery making books that I no longer wanted and within no time at all people were sending swap requests, I got my first swap through the post today and best of all its free, all you pay is postage of your book. Ideal for people like me that have more books then I care to mention, now I just need a magazine swapping site!!!
Another cool site I stumbled across a while back is called postcrossing I found out about this on The Inner world of Emmas bears (fab blog) Basicaly you sign up and send and recive post cards from all over the world, how cool is that! Hear are a few I have been sent....

from USA 

 from Russia

From Brazil

How cool are they, Much nicer then a bill.

Hope you all had a lovely week and woohooo it's the weekend!


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  1. Oh 'er.... new update page :-) I love the look :-) VERY YOU. :-)
    Only one pair of earring ? They look spanking :-)
    As for the other links, what a find.
    I love to have recieve postcards. Great idea about the book swap too.
    Seems I have missed so much since I last visited.
    Serves me right :-) xxxxxxxxx


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