Over the mooooooooon

 It's happened a few times now where I've been asked for details of my online shop and had to scribble on random bit of paper (I can hear all you professionals gasping in horror!) And after reading way too much about first impressions and how important they are I decided to get some business cards printed up, and here they are....

Not perfect by any means but I love them any way! I got them from Moo after reading lots of reviews on other peoples blogs about how great they are, and it's all true! 
Their site is really easy to use, they have a really fast turn around and you can order small quantities, so if you're not happy with your design you don't have to use 1000s before you can try a new look, and as strange as it may seem they feel quiet nice in your hands, nice and sturdy!
They also do a free sample pack so you can see what they will look like! 
If your new to Moo you can get 15% off your first pack of 50 Business Cards if you enter this code at the checkout: G2MSCG

Enjoy your day!



  1. Great new cards :-)
    Great first impression :-)xxx

  2. I went and checked out Moo....thank you:)


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