Scrap pot

So what do you do when your all out of silver but have to make some thing? You raid your scrap pot, or at least that's what I did for this one....

All the rings are different sizes and were all bent up so I hammered them all flat, linked them together in a simple one in one chain, added a few dragonfly charms (every time I order jump rings they put in a free dragonfly charm so I have a few of these hanging around), made some headpins with folded ends from tiny scraps of silver (all different gauges) to hang lots of sparkly purple swarovski crystals then dunked the whole thing in some liver of sulphur solution et voila!
Not my normal style but the thing I really love about this bracelet is the sound it makes when you wear it... It sounds like lots of tiny bells.
Think I might have to go through my scrap pot more often!

Have a lovely Sunday


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