Here is what I sent

Whoooo the bead soup I sent off to the lovely Nat has arrived
So bead soup groupies here is what I sent....

  • 1 Basha bead focal
  • 1 Daisychain extra copper claps (and a few copper head pins)
  • A hint of beads by Laura Sparling (and a stray purple one by Chameleon Designs)
  • A dash of Swarovski crystal (gotta have some sparkle)
  • A handful of green pearls
  • Some random shiny glass beads
  • A sprinkle of lovely colored seed beads
  • Oh and some striped agate
I am sooooooo glad Nat likes it, and can't wait to see what she comes up with.
Royal Mail are on a bit of a go slow at the moment (they always seem to be) so I am still waiting for mine (and the postman is fully aware that he is being stalked), but the waiting is half the fun.

Have a fantastic day


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