Short attention span....

Each of these little glass pots (that may previously, in the very distant past, have contained mini lemon cheese cake) now contain an unfinished project, I really must try to finnish some of them before starting any new projects!

A simple stocking filler....

 (beautiful bead by the lovely Izzy of Flame and Glass)

Simple handmade clasp with swarovski crystal 

 Every cloud has a silver lining bracelet. Stunning cloud beads by the fab Laura Sparling.

With my own handmade cloud clasp, inspired by the beautiful oak leaf clasp I used a couple of posts back made by Jo of Daisychainextra. While I love the clasp I did not enjoy making it at all, sawing silver sheet is not something I have done much of and I did not feel like I had much control over the saw (thank goodness for needle files)!

I have a silver lining mark II bracelet in one of those many pots, same idea but slightly different.


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