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Ever late! Today I am joining in with Erin and Marcie's Challenge of Travel Blog Hop. The challenge was to select a region of the planet that you do not live on and choose an nation within that region to learn a little about and inspire a creation, or you could choose to have one selected for you (Which is what I chose to do).
The country selected for me was......


My first thought was YES I love Egypt, ever since I was young I have been fascinated with Ancient Egypt, The Pyramids....

The Sphinx.... 

The Hieroglyphics....

And, oh the Jewellery, beautiful gold and luscious turquoise, Thick wrist cuffs and beautiful beaded collars..... And then I lost all my confidence, so off I headed to ETSY for some inspiration....

I really wanted to make that beautiful beaded sphinx cuff in the middle, but I left it too late and could not find any where that stocked all the right colored seed beads (properly because I did not know where to look) So I though I would take a look at Egyptian inspired components....

Oh, look at all those pretties!

But again I left it too late to get my hands on any of these treasures so I thought I would try to make my own Egyptian focal with what ever I had in my magic draw of stuffs I have forgotten all about file away for later use! 
Attempt one was to make my focal out of polymer clay maybe add a splash of paint to high light the design etc, so I drew out my design on the clay to use as a mould, seems its alot harder to draw on clay then you would think and even harder to draw small things to cut a long story short polymer clay attempt failed, then at the back of the draw I saw some metal clay, fantastic I though as this stuff shrinks!
Hmmmm the back of the pack on the bronze clay may well say that the stuff can be touch fired and will take 7 mins, but it can't and it dose not! It crumbled to pieces even though I fired it for twice as long??? Ahhh well on to the copper clay, and this is what I finally ended up with this bracelet.....
 And this necklace....

I had a little mishap with this piece but I think it adds to the ancient feel, though I do need to add a touch of Liver of shulpher to darken the silver a little (gold was beyond my budget  unfortunately and I quiet like the look of the silver and copper together).
I really enjoyed finding out about Egypt and was surprised to find out that I had even eaten Egyptian food  (falafel) without knowing it was Egyptian!
Thanks to Erin and Marcie for the challenge and you may well see more Egyptian influence on my blog (I so want to try making that cuff)!
Please check out the others that joined in with the fun

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Niky Sayershttp://silverniknats.blogspot.co.uk/AfricaEgypt
Therese Frankhttp://www.theresestreasures59.blogspot.comAfricaKenya
Raychelle Heathhttp://abeadloveaffair.blogspot.com/AfricaLesotho
Joan Williamswww.lilrubyjewelry.wordpress.comAfricaMauritania
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Tracy Stillmanhttp://www.tracystillmandesigns.comAmericasUSA
Sandra Wolberghttp://city-of-brass-stories.blogspot.deAsiaIndia
Tanya Goodwinhttp://pixiloo.blogspot.comAsiaJapan
Susan Kennedyhttp://suebeads.blogspot.comAsiaJapan
Beth Emeryhttp://storiesbyindigoheart.blogspot.comAsiaJapan
Lisa Conehttp://inspiredadornments.blogspot.com/AsiaJapan
Tanya Bodenhttp://fusionmusebangkok.blogspot.com/AsiaJapan
Inge von Rooshttp://ingetraud.wordpress.comAsiaLaos
Erin Prais-Hintzhttp://treasures-found.blogspot.comAsiaNepal
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Have a great day and happy traveling

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