Hampton Court Palace

Sunday we packed our bags (going any where with a toddler means bag packing) and headed over to Hampton Court Palace to join in with The Glorious Georges family day, and it was amazing!

The boy (aka Kal)
See the storn clouds? The weather forcast said storms but we decided to brave it any way, and wow did it turn out to be a beautiful sunny day!

We tryed on custumes, and spent most of our time in The Great Fountain Garden, trying out all the activities such as making hats, napkin folding, and watching how to apply georgan make up. Some of us suited the fashon of the time more then others....

Mess Maker 
But that did not stop me wearing one of those beautiful red capes around for most of the day (sorry no photos of that as I spent most of my time chasing before mentioned toddler and turned the same colour as the beautiful cape due to the beautiful sunshine and possibly the running too).

I walked around gawping at such beautiful art work as these, of which there were many....

and then there was more dressing up....

Unfortunatly we had so much fun with the activities that we did not get enough time to visit the rest of the gardens, the maze or Henry VIII's Apartments, but still we have a reason for another visit! 

I hope your all haveing a fab summer!

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