AJE Reveal - March Hares

Today is reveal for the Art Jewlery Elements Themed Challenge, and the theme is of course Hares. So the first thing I did was google the difference between rabbits and hares (as I am rather clueless) and found out that they are from the same family and look similar but have many differences the most noted being hares are bigger with larger ears and are less social then rabbits. 

Copper Hare Bracelet Bars

Also hares live completely above ground, While most rabbits (the cottontail being an exception to the rule) live in burrows.
After hunting through my stash and finding it lacking in hare related items, I decided to make my own, after all I have a lovely new saw that I need to get to grips with. So I drew out some hare silhouettes and got sawing. My first pair of hare heads turned into a pair of bracelet bars, ideally I would liked to have stamped an interesting pattern upon the faces but I am lacking in interesting stamps, so these one remain plain.

Hare Bracelet

I had envisioned this hare completely differently, with flowers and lots of colour but that just did not work out so, I started over again and added a simple chain made of thick 2mm copper wire and added a cute lampwork headpin by Creeky Beads as soon as it was finished it was claimed by the teen drama queen that is my oldest daughter who suddenly has a liking for jewellery and then went on to also claim my next piece too....

Tiny silhouettes

For this piece I used one of the tiny hare silhouettes that I cut out and made it into a copper lentil bead  which measures just 2cm wide and is stamped on the reverse with the saying mad as a March hare.

Mad as a March hare

The term 'mad as a march hare' is a reflection of a hares behaviour during mating season, where they can be seen leaping in the air and even throwing punches! Now please excuse me while I grab a cup of coffee and hop along to see what everyone else has created....

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