March Nest Theme Reveal

Today is the day for the March Nest Theme Reveal over at Art Elements Blog! Thank you Cathy for such a wonderful theme, I have throughly enjoyed this one, but as luck would have it I had more ideas then time this month so mine are all works in progresses!

I had so many ideas for this theme that I had to start writing them down and then came the rush to buy supplies and then life got in the way and slowed me down! The original plan was to needle felt some spring scenes onto the polystyrene eggs and crochet a big fibber nest for them to rest in, think beautiful mossy green coloured nest with little pieces of ribbon woven in for a touch of colour, but the moss wool did not arrive in time and the needle felting did not happen! In the first photo there is also the beginnings of a little bird house, I found one on pintrest with a penny tiled roof and thought oh my I need one of those but you can't saw a bird house with a jewellers saw or a massive man saw which were the only saws I had. The mossy star was a christmas decoration I feel in love with and have kept on the wall the plan there is to create a woodland scene but I'm pretty sure this project will take me most of the year.

These are the practice crochet nests I made while waiting for the moss coloured wool, this gold mohair wool is just so lovely and the smallest nest is just under an inch wide. The plan is to needle felt a humming bird for the smallest and fix it to a twig mounted on a plinth.

Also you may have noticed if you follow my instagram account I am slightly obsessed with making  wooden books at the moment and there was this beautiful gnarly hole in one of the pieces that I thought would make a wonderful space for a nest, Im thinking of having a metal wildflower set into the corner cover and some how having this quote on the front.

I think next time I shall have to focus one one project at a time rater then all the things!

I do hope you will join me in seeing what everyone else have created....

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