So very much to do!

Hello wonderful people out there sorry not checked in for a while been a busy girl!
I would like to quickly add a couple of massive thank yous in here.....
Firstly to Kelly at A Stuffed Life for arranging the wonderful Midsummers Night Dream Party. I had lots of fun doing it and have also decided there are many more things I would like to try but have not been brave enough so am going to put in more effort. I also really enjoyed reading everyone elses blogs and seeing what they made.
Secondly to Pete and Dec (other half's family) A huge thank you for putting up with all of us crashing at your home every other weekend, invading your privacy and leaving a trail of mess behind us! We really hope your new life in Cornwall works out great for both of you and are looking forward to our visit in October.
So as you can tell by the title I have been very busy! I have just finished my second commission! But will have to wait to post pics as the piece is a surprise and the lovely lady whom it is for may just wander past my blog and take a peek!
Secondly also keeping under wraps (as not to jinx it) I have been working on something exciting so watch this space!!!
The garden is also a busy place at the moment.....

There are squashes everywhere and something really strange is happening to my corn (well I think its strange but I've never grown corn before). It has started to sprout hair!!!

OK not quiet real hair but still it looks quiet strange. 
Mess makers sun flower has now started to grow a flower head....

And is now this HUGE..........

I have been very lucky today in that I have got lots of work done (none of which I'm telling just yet, sorry) and I was lucky enough to buy some of Laura's wonderful beads....

I'm soooo excited to be getting these they look stunning just like precious gems! Hehe I feel like a kid in a sweet shop! 

Wishing you all well have a wonderful day xxx

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