Learning a new skill????

I started a new project today and was hopping to have finished photos to post but it seems that reupholstering is ALOT harder then I first thought!!! 

This is a photo of mess makers once purple plastic tub chair. I had intended to cover it in a nicer (non biro graphite) material when she  first drew all over it, but as is more often then not the case, I forgot all about it! Until Sunday when we went sofa shopping. 
To cut a long story short I found some material in the same color as the new sofa (slate grey) and thought it would be nice if they matched.
After pulling out the hundred or so staples holding the fabric in place I then pulled off the material and cut it in to sections to use as templates. 
It was going well and really looked like I knew what I was doing until it came to the sewing.... I had all the material pinned together then sat at the sewing machine when it dawned on me.... I have never used a sewing machine!!! 
Ahhh how hard could it be??!!
Well,.....VERY it would seem! 
The cotton is threaded in some mystical way so as to scare off any new comers... and then there is the foot pedal (I have no foot control it is one of the reasons I don't drive and most of the reason I can't dance) To say I found it a little difficult to control the speed would be an understatement!
Any way attempt number one did not fit at all but I will not be beat!!! 
Attempt number two is laying on the ground and I will try again tomorrow...........

To be continued! 

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