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 Andrew Thornton of The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton is having a four year blog-o-versary give away......

So head on over there and enter for a chance to win this lovely lot!!!

Well its been a good week for jewellery mags, My Art Jewellery mag arived all the way from America on Tuesday and today Making jewellery came out so now I'm all inspired and raring to go again but as always in need of a few supplies!!
On the making front.... Last week I brought some very nice clear and white hollow glass beads by Ray Skene but when they arrived they were a lot larger than I had thought they would be, much too big for me to use in my jewellery so after a little thinking time and a bit of playing around I have come up with a couple of possibilities.

1 They may become decorations for use at our fairy party and then to put on the tree at christmas...
2 Or they could be linked together, add a few more crystals a bit of ribbon and become curtain tie backs for the girls brand new girly pink and sparkly bedroom!!!

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