11-20 Day zero list....

We had such a fantastic day today! We all went to an antiques fair (I love antiques) and even tho my other half did not realy want to go (he said it was like a big over priced car boot) he walked around the whole thing with me and then did not moan when I wanted to go back to look at things again!
He almost seemed to be enjoying it, He said I was like a kid in a candy shop!
Unfortunatly I did not leave with any beautiful antiques, but I did manage to get a set of Cross pen and pencil for next to nothing which are like heven to write with.
Now as I type wonderful other half is cooking us dinner, How fab is he!!!

11-20 of day zero list....

11 Make a piece of jewellery every day for a month

12 Attend a craft fair as a seller

13 Go to an auction

14 Do a home study course
15 Pass my driving test

16 Cook a three course candle lit meal

17 Be pampered for a whole day

18 Learn French

19 Exersise and eat well for a week

20 Learn to solder bezles

Hope you all had a great Sunday! xxx

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