Nothing going right......

I was soooo excited to day when I woke up....... I was expecting a delivery!
I had ordered a new table (some where to eat christmas dinner), a new bigger and better christmas tree (we threw the last one out when we moved as it was almost 10 years old) and alot of fairy lihts!
delivery was due for between 7  and 12 so when it got to 1ish I thought I should phone them!
Well there seemed to have been a computer glitch! My table had not been ordered (even tho it had been paid for), My lights were being sent to the wrong address and my tree was not in stock!!!
So it seems I'm having a bad day! I tried to make some christmas cards to cheer me up but there missing some thing......

So not hapy with these I moved on to a braclet but try as I might I could not get them right. So made 2 in 2 seemless earrings instead.....

Not happy with these either so decided to give up on crafting to day!

So instead I have just stuffed a huge pizza, next I'm going for a hot bath, then I'm going to have a hot glass of mulled wine with a hot mince pie and snuggle up on the sofa to watch a film. All the while remembering its the bad days that make the good days seem all the better and I can go christmas tree shopping tomorow!

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  1. Christmas cards look great as they are - maybe what is missing is a tiny bit of red?


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