What a fantastic week!

I'm having a fantastic week!
First I get a letter from the much dreded tax man saying they owe ME money (which is always nice), Then we had a fantastic day with my neice on her first birthday and then I catch up on my blogs to find out that I have won a compitition!
Jennifer Cameron of Glass Addictions (FAB blog people so head on over and take a look) was giving away a copy of Clasic Chain Mail Jewelry and I won!
The funny thing was one hour before entering the comp I recived an email about the book and was considering buying it!!!
That leads nicly on to my newest make.....
I reaily loved the Byzantine braclet that I made but as I have such small wrists it looked really chunky on me so.... I have made one for myself with smaller rings!....

I did not even have to do the hard bit of working out all the complicated inner diamiter of the rings and wire gauge stuff because they had a really useful page on The Dragonfly Company about recommended ring sizes(there rings are as fantastic as there gallery is inspiring, I highly recomend them if your thinking of taking up chainmaille)!

A close up of my favorite galaxy bead from Flame and Glass 

I LOVE this bead! Isn't it great! But it seems that great galaxy beads are as hard to find as the preverbial needle in a hay stack!
Hope your all having as great a week as I am!

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