day zero list

I was looking through my blogs this morning and I came accross a day zero list on Memory Bean Designs blog and thought what a great idea!
The idea is you write a list of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days.
Now anyone that knows me knows im completly dizzy, half the time I cant remember what day it is let alone what my goals are so I hoping this is going to motavate and remind me!
So here is my list so far....(6 of these are browed from there top 101 list)
1 complete 10 chainmalle patterns
2 Identify 100 things that makes me happy
3 Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
4 Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
5 Go to 5 different museums
6 Influence a person to make a day zero list
7 Go on a picnic
8 buy a kiln
9 do something nice for a stranger
10 register for a hallmark

If anyone fancys helping out with number 6 feel free to leave me a mesage so I can follow your progress!

If you could do any one thing what would it be?......

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