Forgoten update....

OK so anyone that has been reading my blog for a while may have noticed I'm a little dizzy and more then a little forgetful! When I posted about this chest of draws....

 way back in August I completely forgot to show you what happened to them....

This is them with new runners, new handles and a lick of paint. I really enjoyed fixing them up a lot more then I thought I would, maybe I should give furniture restoration a go???!!!


  1. Amazing transformation!

  2. They look good enough that they look like new. Infact I have seen new one's that don't look as good. :-) x x x Ramble day :-) x x x They look fantastic. :-) x x x

  3. Thanks alot the best thing is that the girls love them because there pink. I wish they would always be this easy to please!


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