Happy , Happy, Happy!!!

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!

I'm sooooooo happy (if you could not tell)!
I've been waitting since the 5th for mess makers christmas present to come and for a while it looked like it would not get here on time because of the snow, but they have there delivery drivers working Sundays and they got it to me!!! Yeahyyyy!!!
Because I'm in such a happy mood I've decided to spread the happyness and crack on with my day zero list...

Number 3 Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find....

Just got to get the books back to the liabery now!
oh and.....
51-100 list of things that make me happy....

51 Thought this one went with out saying but my other half makes me very very happy!

52 Also my 'sometimes' fabulous children!
(they are also sometimes utterly embarasing like when mess maker was at the shops and two people were blocking the way out so she screamed "Oui, you two, Get out my way!" The way only a two year old can with out even being slightly emabased while I glowed the brightest shade of red while telling her to say excuse me.

53 Decorating for Christmas

54 Getting things through the post that I forgot I had ordered (this happens quiet a lot due to my short attention span)

55 Remembering important things (I forget EVERY THING)

56 Mess makers funny comments

57 Snow spray! (must buy some snow spray)!

58 Stickers (I like stickers strange but true some thing to do with my stationary addiction)!

59 Double sided sticky tape (I LOVE the stuff, it sticks every thing)

60 Hearing children laugh (corny but true, especially that huge belly laugh when they just cant stop)

61 Adam Sandler films

62 Audrey Hepburn films

63 Giving presents

64 books (I love books, I've been told I have too many but I don't think soooo)!

65 Making snow angels (have not done this for years)

66 Fair ground lights

67 Candy floss (mmmmmm)

68 Childhood memories That I had forgotten

69 Fire works

70 Mess makers wet slimy kisses

71 Dressing up

72 Coming in from the cold to a nice warm home

73 Knowing how very lucky I am to have all the nice things I have and to know all the lovely people I know

74 Family get togethers (don't happen often enough)

75 new craft ideas that just spring out of nowhere

76 Birthday party's

77 Balloons

78 Art

79 Learning something new

80 Taking photos that look really good

81 Writing out Christmas cards (since leaving school I don't write any thing, too computer dependent)!

82 Watching Antiques Road show

(Gosh this is harder then I though it would be....)

83 Finding out when you go to pay that the item your buying is on sale and cost next to nothing!

84 Online shopping (I hate crowds and people that push)

85 Frank Sinatra songs (I worked in a care home for 5 years!)

86 Sitting in a warm house looking out at the cold snow (I love central heating)

87 My Uggs (my feet have never felt so loved)

88 Ebay (I love finding bargains)

89 Rumaging at car boots for tresures!

90 Jelly belly beans! (the best ever)

91 Tim Burton films

(Come on, come on only a few left to go, think.....)

92 Wrapping presents (I put every thing into boxes so they wrap neatly, slightly blushing at that)

93 Boxes I do like boxes I like to put things in groups and organise things???!!!

94 When every thing is neat and tidy (I'm so messy you would not belive it, im forever clearing up after myself)

95 When I find a blog that I really like (there is quiet a few of them)

96 Christmas crackers

97 Smooth shiny pebbles the sort that you love to rub in your hands (something strangly relaxing about smooth pebbles)

98 Glitter (a childhood fetish I'll never over come, I loved glitter as much as a child as I now love sparkly gems now I'm an adult)

99 Dont know if I have done these but Opals, glass beads, and of course gems (I have the most beautiful tanzanite I love drewling over)!

100 Getting mess makers christmas gift in time for christmas!!!!

100 Lovely comments on my blog! Yes you people are all fantastic!!!

If you made it to the end WOW!
Have a great day xxx

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  1. How about bunging your lists :-) Start a New Year with the devil may care attitude... Works for me... although I don't make such funny lists like you :-) x x x


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