Homemade christmas....

After watching Kristy Homemade Christmas last year (I loved it) I really wanted to do as much homemade stuff as I could this year but alas as always I am soooooo unorganised (I feel a new years resolution in the making)! But so far have at least made these....

These cute little mini pet carrier boxes are my homemade advent calenders for the children! They have assorts of little things in them and some have clues to find the things that would not fit into the boxes. They went down a treat this yesterday morning and tomorrow I'm going to put them some where different so they have to hunt for them.

And finally some homemade gift tags, these have the smallest little crystals on the bows (I had to put some sparkle in somewhere)!
We got very lucky yesterday as it was my other half's day off work so we decided to get Christmas shopping out of the way and would you believe it there was next to no one around (all indoors cowering from the snow no doubt)! It was fantastic not being pushed this way and that not waiting in long cues I loved it! So we are very nearily done on the gift front just a few onliners to get. Just as well because today the kids school is closed and not all the buses are running!

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