What I sent....

OK so your all aware that my bead soup partner is Becky from Chameleon Designs, Well she recived hers today so I thought I would show what I sent. So what do you send a lamp worker to challenge her?....
This was a hard one,
OK so normal people would say lamp work beads are out, but me not being normal, thought well it would be a challenge to use lamp work beads not only made by someone else but also chosen by someone else! So I pooped in a few of those (nothing to do with my addition to lamp work beads just really interested to see what she dose with them)!
This is what i ended up sending.....

  • string of died turquoise
  • strand of 6mm cube crystals (sparkle)!
  • string of blue goldstone (oh soooo sparkly)
  • tiny tube of pearls
  • lamp work beads by Laura Sparling
  • Jelly baby bead (a bit random but sweet lol)
  • Piece of titanium (I brought this ages ago because I loved the colors but could not think how to use it, this really will be a challenge)
  • PMC pendent I made from a button
  • a block of Sculpey clay
I hope she likes what I sent and can't wait to see what she dose with it!

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