Blog Award

Sorry it's been a while but I have been been blog hoping (and have only just finished)! I really, really enjoyed the Bead Soup and thank you so much to everyone that stoped by and extra thanks to all that left a message and to my new followers(you are all soooooo fantastic)!

Takling of which, how cool is this....

(my second blog award)

Big, massive, huge thank you to fantastic Julianna of Julsbeads (seriously people, head on over and check out her blog I love it, she has a wonderful way with words)!!!

Ok so now to give to seven (diffrent) people.....
Have tried not to send it to blogs that don't do blog awards but I am quiet dizzy!
  1. Flurby's Fimo shes just Awesome!
  2. Smiling Monkey Just plain fab
  3. Wondrous Strange Designs the most fab raku beads ever!
  4. Sooz Jewels mmmm glass beads
  5. Neelz Expressionz a paper inspiration
  6. Wire Worked Beautiful photos of beautiful jewellery
  7. Polymerclay Shed Just wow!
and say seven things about me (I'm fast running out of things to tell you about me)!....

  1. I can't tell my right from my left (seriously)! (my other half makes a point of saying turn left/right just so I stop and get a confused look on my face, much to his amusment)
  2. I'm increadbly shy, tho I try really hard not to be!
  3. I have to be doing some thing at all times
  4. I love Adam Sandler films
  5. I have an addiction to sparkly/shiny things
  6. I Love Rene Lalique
  7. I also love kids books/films (Harry Potter, Narnia, Arther and the invisables, The Spiderwick Chronicles etc...)

So you may have noticed I have been playing around a bit with my blog and now have extra pages!!?? 
Well I have put a few links up to a few of my fave shops and will get round to doing a few more and am going to try to do some book reviews and some tutorials but we shall have to see how that goes!
Really need to work on being more organised (yeah right)!!!

Have a productive day x


  1. Great changes to your Blog. I'm learning from you. Thanks for the plug.

    Thanks also for the beautiful Copper Bracelet

  2. I love your new blog look. :-) It's when things are so dark and take so long to load, then I tend to get impatient.
    I'm sure there are loads and loads of things we don't know about you Niky. Congratulations on your new award... :-) x x x


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