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I recived an email from the The Goldsmiths' Company the other day and was shocked to learn the the goverment want to do away with the Hallmark (I've only just got mine)! :( ....

"There is a real danger that hallmarking in the UK could be abolished as part of a new initiative launched by the Government on 7 April 2011 called the Red Tape Challenge.

To prevent this 700 year old tradition disappearing overnight, The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office urges you to register your support for hallmarking on the Red Tape website:



The Red Tape Challenge has started by examining the retail sector and asking the electorate for their views on topics as diverse as ‘Sunday Trading’ and ‘Trading with the Enemy’. The aim is to reduce regulation which stifles enterprise and industry. The message from the Government appears to be that every regulation highlighted will be abolished – unless visitors to the website express sufficient good reasons to convince Ministers that this particular regulation must be kept.

Hallmarking is among the eight key topics on which the population is invited to air their views from now until 5th May 2011. There are other important topics there too, of huge significance to retailers and consumers.

We believe it is imperative to the British consumer for the current and future UK Jewellery Industry to maintain hallmarking as a statutory independent service.

For further information on the importance of hallmarking and why it should be saved download our document ‘The Case for Hallmarking’ here.

You only have until 5th May 2011 to reply and help to save hallmarking - PLEASE ACT NOW!

Thank you for your support."

Well I Gave them my point of view! 

If you get a spare moment please do the same, it would be such a shame to loose a 700 year tradition!

I love the idea that even after I die my jewellery will still be around, with my little mark that tells people I made it, when it was marked and where! It's a little bit of invinsability that makes me take even more pride in the jewellery I make, and it's the buyers reasurance that it is a quality item!

Have a great evening where ever you are!


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