A-Z Blog Challenge part P

is for....
verb [ trans. ]
1 (usu. be personalized) design or produce (something) to meet someone's individual requirements : the wedding invitations will be personalized to your exact requirements.
make (something) identifiable as belonging to a particular person, esp. by marking it with their name or initials : [as adj. ] ( personalized) personalized license plates.

I love personalised things, you might have guesed! So when I came across a post on Jen Judd Rocks that told me how to personalise my blog banner I was over the moon! Fab post and really easy to follow! 
and came up with....

as you can see above!

I quiet like this but think I may need to have another go!

Personalised on ETSY....

Oh something else I like....

Sorry its only half a photo but there were children climbing on the other half! How beautiful are these! It's called Jelly Baby Family by Mauro Perucchetti and is some where in London, I say some where because I had no idea where I was, The other half led and I followed! We always manage to find something beautiful when we go to London.

Have a great day


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