Time to relax

We have had an insanely busy week so far, starting with shopping for decorating stuffs, then painting, papering and children, but so far so good....
Living room painted and papered (I now HATE wallpapering, way too time consuming, other half how ever seems to be very good at it), Kitchen painted (even behind the fridge and cooker, yuck!) and bathroom painted, so today was a relaxing day and of course relaxing would not be relaxing with out making some jewellery....

I love how this bead catches the light (by Izzy at Flame and Glass) and have had it sitting on my desk wondering what to do with it for what seems like ages.

Then I came across this barrel pattern on M.A.I.L  (Maille Artisans International League, fantastic site) and thought that they would look great together....

Throw in a couple of plain bead caps, a bit of wire and one of the last of my handmade clasps and job done! 
Now we have curtain poles to hang, light fittings to fit, curtains to choose, kids to entertain (I might even post a few pics when it's completely finished).

Enjoy your day

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