Oak Leaf Challenge

I was so excited when I saw Jo of Daisychain Jewellery was hosting a challenge. 
Jo sent five very lucky people (me included) a beautiful handmade oak leaf clasp to make in to something beautiful, as simple as that.

I was going to make a beautiful seed bead bracelet, with a beautiful lamp work butterfly bead and even got as far as completing the seed bead part but when I started to cut a couple of jump rings for it I saw this on etsy...

Then one thing lead to another and I got a little carried away with a completly diffrent idea. 4 meters of copper wire, sore fingers, well over 100 jump rings and a wire wrapped lamp work bead later and my seed bead bracelet ended up changing into this....

Oak Chainmaille Necklace

And this is what it looks like on....

I completely love it!

This really is a budget necklace, the bead cost £1 from the big bead show, the 1mm copper wire cost £3 including p&p from ebay and the beautiful handmade oak leaf clasps are available from Jo's wonderful etsy shop Daisychain extra for £7.50 (bargain), so it cost me £4 in total (£11.50 if I had brought the clasp).

It would make a great christmas present, but I think I'll keep it.

A huge thank you to Jo for her genorostiy, I really enjoyed the challenge.

Please take a moment to see what he other lucky people came up with....

The people taking part in the Oak Leaf Challenge are:

Jo Tinley                              Daisychain Designs

Melissa Meman                Art, Life, Love

Amber Boorman              Larksong Studio

Kimberley Roberts          Bahama Dawn

Rebecca Anderson          Songbeads

Have a great day

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