First jewellery of the year and.....

Gosh January is nearly over and I have only made one pair of earrings....

I'm trying hard not to start any new jewellery projects until I have finished some of my many works in progress (it is taking a lot of will power as I was given some new tools for christmas that I am dying to try out).

But on the plus side I have managed to finish mess makers dolls house....

The roof is made from a couple of decks of playing cards, simply glued on and painted. 

The roof opens up to reveil a master bedroom and bathroom but I need to fit something to hold it open.

 I stuck in a few ACEO's on the walls as posters, which she loves, but I still need to kit out the kitchen. One thing is for sure three year olds that know what they want are the worst people to work for!

Have a fantastic weekend

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