Have a wonderful Easter

I hope you all have a great easter and thought I would share a few pics of what we have been up to. Yesterday we visited Clairmont Gardens for an easter egg hunt.

The weather was beautiful (suprising considering how missrable the last few days have been) and the views were fantastic!

What was even more suprising was that the kids were complete angels, with two pre-teens and a three year old that rarely happens!

Mess maker fell in love with all the beautiful pink flowers (we ended up taking half of these dead ones home with us).

The girl loved all the 'old style' toys and hats they found in this cute thached hut they stumbled across.

The boy spent 40 minuites running up and down the grass ampitheatre (time very well spent as 1 hour after we got home he was sound asleep) while the girls had there faces painted....

A blue tiger and a pink butterfly

A rare occasion where I'm caught on camara, I'm always normally the one taking the photos! Notice the vastly expanding waist line? Nothing to do with easter eggs, I'm almost 24 weeks preganant, expecting a baby boy in earily August!

Have a fantastic Easter 


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