Focus on life: week 7 - Beauty of Flowers

Week seven is all about the Beauty of Flowers 
I love flowers, but no longer get them and can't really have any in the house as they have really terrible effects on my other half's hay fever, So off I went to see what beauties I could find out in the big wide world (well not that big or wide as I stayed in Esher), unfortunately due to the snow and cold weather recently there were bulbs spring up every where, but none had flowered yet, so i decided to do this....

Now I can have a vase of flower beads, although I think I may need to purchase a few more beads to make it look really good!

and possibly a few more twigs to put even more on!

And maybe a little bird house, still if he can't buy me flowers maybe I will suggest flower beads after all they will last longer!

As an after thought I  decided to add so old photos of flowers that I took from out trip to the Eden Project, after all they are beautiful....

Have a great day x

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