2nd Annual Challenge of Music blog hop!

Focus: Instrumental Music

I joined this challenge because I love the idea of using a piece of music for inspiration, normally I get my inspiration from the beautiful stones or the hand crafted beads that I use, I pick up a focal and then ideas just start flowing, so this idea is completely new to me.
The focus for this challenge was not just music, but instrumental music, now I really don't know much about instrumental music and wanted something that I had never heard before so that I would not have any preconceived ideas, Cue my other half's very kind and lovely dad (who knows much more about music then I do) and his recommended tune....

4LB (from Sundog's debut album INSOFAR)

I have not been able to find out much about Sundog but here is what I did learn from there website....

"Sundog is the new project from Arthur Jeffes of Penguin Cafe, which comes under the umbrella of the Penguin Cafe Label.
For this album we wanted to set up some simple rules for ourselves and then see how imaginative and creative we could be within that system. We started with the idea that we would only use sounds we could get from our instruments - piano, violin, duclcitone, Rhodes and harmonium - but we wouldn’t stay on the chamber footing that would seem to dictate. We’d use the tools of the studio to enhance, suppress, fiddle and in all kinds of ways get original sounds out of the gear we were using. Obviously sometimes the tracks have ended up simply being pieces for piano and violin, but others have proved more odd."

So how do you use a piece of music to inspire a piece of jewellery? Well I started by listening to it over and over again and then brain storming how the music made me feel and what it made me think of.
I thought the music was beautiful but made me feel quiet sad and lonely, there were noises that sounded to me like seagulls which made me think of a man sailing far out at sea, all alone, lost and wandering. I was quiet surprised at how inspiring I found the music! And here is what I came up with....
This was not my original idea, that consisted of the copper disc made in silver and soldered with a beautiful water like cab, but my torch ran out of gas and I could not replace it in time to Finnish this post, so that idea will have to wait for now.
The focal is a copper disc hammered on an old coin and then domed, darkened, some of the colour removed and buffed. The seed beads just catch the light so nicely it almost twinkles but that dose not really show in the photos.
After making this bracelet I decided it would be perfect to send to The Global Genes Project for World Rare Disease Day yesterday. 

I am completely in love with seed beads at the moment and can't wait to do another cuff although the next one I would like to cover all of the front with embroidery, I just need to find the right components. 
I really enjoyed this challenge and will defiantly do this again, thank you Erin for the challenge!
NOW, Why not sit down with a nice hot drink (it's raining and rather miserable out side here in the UK) and check out what what music the others found inspiring....

Thanks for visiting &
Have a fantastic day x


  1. Well, plan "B" turned out very well! And how nice that you'll be donating your lovely cuff to 7000 Bracelets. What a wonderful idea.

  2. I think this bracelet is a great interpretation of the musical selection! It's really well done. 7000 Bracelets is a perfect destination for it to sail off to!

  3. What I love about this Challenge is the music I hear on each blog and new songs to add to my play lists. I love, love, love how you created the bracelet based on this song - it is perfect! Love that you are donating your piece to a great cause!

  4. Of course, now I am dying to know what "4LB" stands for... but I enjoyed their music nonetheless, Niky! Isn't it great to have knowledgeable friends and family come to our aid? I love how your design grew by listening to a totally new piece of music. It is a great contrast of hard and soft elements, modern against vintage feel. Great interpretation!

  5. Love the bracelet! Really mimics the music. I to have added many song to my play list, and now one more. Great Job.

  6. Lovely cuff! I liked how you created a story or scene from the music and then made the design from that. (And now I hear your story too in the music -- I live close to the coast so no wonder it appeals to me.) The focal looks fab and I like how it's set against the soft blue. Great job!

  7. Nicki what a great cuff. Thank you also for sharing this great music and 7000 bracelets. I'll be sure to check them out, they sound very worthy.

  8. Lovely!!! Very creative!!!!

  9. Love the copper disc! Beautiful cuff--I'm sure whoever receives it at 7000 Bracelets will love it, too.

  10. How wonderful! Love the journey it represents, so happy you found the music surprisingly inspiring. This will be the perfect bracelet for someone

  11. Beautiful bracelet and great interpretation. What a wonderful idea to pass it on to help cure rare diseases. Bravo.

  12. What an unusual song you chose, and I agree with you that it really does sound like a solitary sea journey; beautiful but lonely at the same time. Your cuff is gorgeous and goes very well with the music. I love the copper with the blue, and I totally get where you are coming from as far as seed beads go - so addicting! Beautiful work!

    :) Molly

  13. The music is unique but definitely reminds one of the sea. The cuff you did is lovely! The colors go so well with the music & I love the focal! It is especially heartwarming that you gave it away to the Global Genes Project, such a great cause!

  14. What a great piece, that copper focal is gorgeous!

  15. Hello Miss Niky! Thank you for participating in the Challenge. I find it incredibly inspiring to me to hear all the different sounds that appeal to everyone around the world. This music sounds like it really comes from the heart of the artists. I can sense the sea in these sounds. It feels a bit like riding the waves in a ship. And your cuff is so pretty! You got that texture from hammering on a coin? That must be some coin! I am also delighted that you took this opportunity to share your bracelet with a cause that is dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing this music and your art with the world! Enjoy the day! Erin


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