Focus on life: week 9 - Knock, knock

Sorry for being late on this one but after many attempts to find a beautiful door I gave up looking and decided to show you an interesting one instead....

This door is the main entrance to St Georges Church, Esher.

Now it may not look that interesting but here is why it is....

Welcome to

St. George's Church

Esher's oldest public building and one of 
the earliest Anglican churches.
Most of the structure is 16th Century Tudor.

Two 18th Century features of the Church are 
a 3-decker pulpit and the Newcastle Chamber pew designed 
by Sir John Vanbrugh for Thomas Pelham, 
Duke of Newcastle & his brother Henry: both served as Prime Minister. 

Princess Charlotte - heir to George IV - and Prince Leopold - 
who became the first King of the Belgians - 
worshiped here when they lived at Claremont after 
their marriage in 1816.

Queen Victoria, Leopold's niece attended services when visiting her 
uncle and later came with Prince Albert.

How cool is all that, Prime Ministers, Princes, Princesses, Kings and Queens have all been here.
Here is a better view of the front of the church

 and another cute little door on the side....

Have a great day x

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