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Do it your self, as my last post was about clasps, I thought I would show you some I had made and share some links to some great tutorials so you can make your own!
So here are some of the ones I have made.....

A few swan clasps in silver and copper a soldered hook and one of my favourites, a pin. Fun to make and they look really cool too!

Here are a few examples of clasps that I have made to fit a specific design....

This clasp was designed to match the 2 in 2 ring design of the bracelet, its just a simple clasp made out of doubled up wire.

and this clasp was made extra long so it fitted in better with the bar connectors in the bracelet.

Making your own clasps is a great way to make your jewellery stand out and have a better overall design not to mention that it really is easy to do, they don't have to be elaborate and the more you make the better they get.

here are some great links to tutorials for clasp making....

Have a great day x

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