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M is for ME.... N is for NIKY!

Well officially any way, when I was born my parents decided to name me Kim, until the day they decided to register my birth, at which time my dad decided that he would confuse every one and officially name me Niky (yep spelt N.I.K.Y but pronounced Nicky), so I have always had two names, at school and in later life at work I was known as Niky but to friends and family I was always called and introduced as Kim or Kimmy, many times I have had to explain. So this is me....

With my youngest, I have 3 children and 1 on long term loan! The girl (teen drama queen 13), the boy (on loan my nephew, I have had him for 8 years now, he's 12), mess maker (or rainbow fairy princess as sge likes to be known is soon to be 5) and the baby (a loud and teething 8 months).
A little more about me....
  • I always forget how old I am ( 31! )
  • I'm ditsy
  • I love to make things
  • I like lists 
  • I still cant tell my left from my right (never have never will)
  • I'm a hermit
  • I'm awful at small talk
  • I am a complet contradiction
  • I'm an optmist
  • I love DIY
So thats me, enjoy your day!

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