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Welcome to the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop, Hosted by the wonderfully fabulous Lori of Pretty Things.

Hello, my Name is and I am a bead addict, hoarder, collector??!! (are you buying this)?

This is my problem....

My bead display storage is now full, of course at first this did not stop me from buying more storage or more beads (and blu taking little baggies to the wall or just popping them into the abiss that is my deck draws and other random places) but it may have got a little out of control!

Any who these are all, most, some, a few of the beads that I am hoarding.....

(No, I did not zoom in so it looks like there are less beads, hehe)

So these are the main culprits, the ones that I like so much that I am running the risk of never using, Some were free, some were bead soup left overs, some were one offs and there is even the first ever lamp work beads I brought in this little pile. I wanted to make a large dent in this pile but unfortunatly the weather has not been on my side, it has been so sunny here in the UK that I just had to go out side and enjoy it. I did how ever manage to almost finnish one piece....

This one dose not feel finished yet tho I think it is missing some thing!!??

The beautiful shell is from THEA Elements, the lampwork beads are by Laura Sparling, there is a piece of roman glass and a beautiful lampwork goddess that I got from the big bead show but I can't remember who made it???

This is another piece I was working on, but did not get to finnish in time....

I also came up with designs for one of the Kerri Fuhr beads and two of the Anne Choi beads, so watch this space!

Many thanks to Lorri for the challenge, and we all hope you are feeling better soon x

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