focus on life–week 29- routine

Our prompt from the lovely Sally this week was routine.

I am very much a creature of habit, I found this out many years ago when I changed jobs but still walked the same way home that I had been for years even tho it took twice as long, I had not even realised I was doing it until my other half insisted on walking me home after dark and asked where I was going!

06.00am    Alarm goes off (if the baby has not already woken me up), get coffee, read some blogs
06.30am    wake up oldest two (poke and prod them till they actually get out of bed)
07.00am    wake mess maker, get breakfast, prompt oldest children to wash, dress and brush teeth 
07.30am    the boy leaves for school, prize the girl from the bathroom mirror, remind her makeup is not aloud at school and tell her to remove it, spend the next half hour asking mess maker to hurry up with breakfast as she is not yet dressed
08.00am    the girl leaves for school, mess maker gets dressed, dress baby, fix packed lunch for mess maker
08.20am    walk mess maker to school
08.50am    put on a load of laundry, do the washing up, feed baby again
10.00am    hang out laundry, do any house work that needs to be don't, entertain baby
Noon          lunch
01.00pm    walk into town to get coffee and go shopping for dinner
03.00pm    go and collect mess maker from school
04.00pm    start dinner (normally some kind of bread as a side dish)
04.30pm    the boy gets home from school
05.00pm    continue dinner
06.00pm    eat dinner
07.00pm    washing up, prompt children to bath/get dressed for bed ask if home work is done
08.00pm    mess maker and baby go to bed
09.00pm    older two go to bed
09.30pm    relax
10.00pm    try to stay awake
midnight    settle baby
02.00am    give in and put the baby in my bed
04.00am    try to settle baby again, then give up and take him to snuggle in the living room
06.00am    it all starts again!!!!

Throw in 101 nappy changes and a few snack times and even the odd visitor every now and again thats my weekday routine!

Weekends how ever are all about doing stuff and going places (we are going to a flower show later today)!!!

Any who after way to much waffle here is my photo for the week....

Coffee, my morning must have and normally partnered with a slice of cake, a nice biscuit or at times even some chocolate, best way to get the day off to a good start!

Have a great day x

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