Love My Art Jewellery Boot Camp, clasps

Love My Art Jewelry's boot camp this time was all about clasps. I must admit I don't always make my own clasps, at least half the time (proberly more) I do tend to buy them, but then with the beauties made by my favorite artist like Daisychian Extra, Thea Elements, and Bohulley Beads featuring Rebecca Anderson it is hardly surpprising!
For this boot camp I decided to make the clasp the main focal but hiding it (if that makes any sence), and try to keep every thing very simple.
I have been working a lot with cabs for the up coming Creating with Cabochons blog hop (hosted by the fantastic Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime) So I decided to use one of my hoard as I have a fair few for this project and here is what I came up with....

A simple hammered chain maille design for the bracelet (not sure what this pattern is called) and a beautiful poppy cab from Moogin set in silver with a hidden clasp on the back, I love how seemless the bracelet is and really want to make a necklace like this too now!!!
I am off now to see what the others have made, have a great day!

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