Playing with polymer clay

The secret to wonderful polymer clay beads is no longer a secret! I have been seeing lots of stunning pics of beautiful beads popping up on facebook with links to this tutorial for Rustic Beads by The Blue Bottle Tree and wow, fantastic is an understatement! Now bare in mind that when it comes to polymer clay I am a complete and utter novice, I have played a few times but with no real idea of what I was doing, one tutorial later and here is what I have made....
Pendents and beads

and headpins, and of course one go was not enough, so on my second attempt, with my new found  confidence, I even gave faceted beads a try....

I love the faceted head pins, but I think the bumble bee is my favourite! Thanks Ginger for writting such a great tutorial and watch this space to find out what these turn into!

Have a great day

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