Year of Jewellery wk 5 & 6

I'm already a week behind but hey life happens!
For week 5 the prompt was Mid-Winter Memories, well this was started mid winter and then just sat there half done for ages, so I finished it off....

Labradorite set in sterling silver with a 4 in 1 chain maille bracelet and beautiful butterfly clasp by daisy chain extra.

With a cute cut out heart detail on the back, a little secret just for the wearer!

The beautiful flash from the stone, which unfortunately chipped a little, while in the tumbler (note to self labradorite is not to go through the tumbler hand polish only) so I have to keep this one!

Week 6 prompt was Medals and Coins which lead to this simple idea....

I love this butterfly bead from Mandrel2 and put it with a lentil bead that I made from two sixpence coins (I have made a few of these as they look very cool) then added a matching head pin by Earth shine beads and hung the lot on a black cord that I got from the Swarovski shop (I love the little silver caps on the ends of the cords it just adds a really lovely finishing touch to it).

Hopefully it wont take long to catch up again but for now I am off to enjoy half term with the kiddies, have a great day! xxx

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