The British Museum part two Ancient Artifacts

After our Ancient Egyptian day out and our trip to  The British Museum we decided to go back and have a look around at some of the other exhibits on display, There were quiet a few items that I fell in love with so I thought I would share some of the photos with you (please excuse the quality as these were taken with with phone)....

One of my all time favorite photos, I just love old books, beautiful handwritting and medals and of course coins!

Another thing I love Roman glass, and this one was such a beautiful color! The info read....
'Large glass cylindrical box(pyxis) with cover
Roman, probably made in Rome,
AD 1-50
From near Rome

When found this box contained ashed,
though its use for cremated remains was
probably secondary. No other boxes of 
this size are known.'

Some more beautiful Roman glass.

Some stunning Aztec carvings (this photo makes me think of Staci L Smith's beautiful black carved beads)!

Some more beautiful carvings and then....
This really caught my eye, you can't tell by the photo but the tiny turquoise mosaic pieces were supper sparkly so I was drawn to it (like a moth to a flame, oh pretty) and then repulsed! Yep its a human skull, with real teeth!!!

 'Turquoise mosaic mask of Tezcatlipoca
Mixtec-Aztec, AD 1400-1521
A human skull forms the base for this mask of Tezcatlipoca, 'Smoking Mirror', one of the four powerful creator gods in the Aztec pantheon. The Aztec belived that the defeat of Quetzalcoatl by Tezcatlipoca marked the begining of the current era of creation. The emblem of Tezcatlipoca, an obsidian mirror, symbolises his control over the hidden forces of creation and destruction.
The mask is decorated with a mosaic of turquoise, lignite and shell; the eyes have been made from polished iron pyrites. The skull was probably tied around the waist by the leather straps."

On to a much nicer and much smaller skull and....

A dragon, I do love netsuke but hey no suprises there they are after all beads, which brings me to these beauties....

Native American seed beads and just beautiful!

How cool would this look on a beaded cuff, such a beautiful design.

And as we were on the topic of beads how lovely are these!

'Faience melon beads
Melon beads in Egyptian faience 
were made and used in many parts 
of the empire.'

and of course some where to put all these lovely beads....

Such amazingly detailed carvings and I love the banding!

I hope you liked these photos because there are still afew more to come.
The Ancient jewellery ones, So watch this space!

Have a great day x

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