Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday 6-10

Part two of the lovely Sally Russicks mini exercise to chronicle everyday life through photography....

Day 6: Minimal
A little doll I am working on for the child formally known as Mess Maker.

Day 7: Daily Chaos...
Prepping/cooking dinner, the most chaotic time of the day, the mess made while cooking (normally from scratch) for six is not some thing for the faint hearted, the repeated "Someone, please play with the baby?" While he runs around the kitchen shouting "Be careful, the oven is hot!" rather exasperating, as is the fact that the very moment the oven get turned on I am suddenly the most popular person ever!

Day 8: Words
I so wanted to photo a ghost sign for this one but the only one I know of is a bus ride away and I REALLY don't like the bus or rather I hate getting on the bus with a buggy, so I went on the wander looking for words in unusual places, but it was a gloomy day and I did not get far!

 Day 9: Night Time Calm
The others are all brilliant at bed time, this one.... he is the rebel, he stays up till midnight then sleeps til 8, even goes with out a nap, I have tried relaxing baths, baby massage, wearing him out, reading to him but nada! Seems some children just don't need to sleep as much!!!

Day 10:  Outside
I am rather taken with this lovely statue and the wonderful star on her head! She stands on top of a rather odd monument with strangely placed glass panels, attached to the most mismatched eclectic looking 16th century church (once attended by Royalty) just down the road from where I live, I really love exploring, the grounds but have only been inside a couple of times as it is only open on Saturday mornings in the summer.

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