May Component of the Month

May's super cute COM by our wonderfully talented Sue of SueBeads appeals to me on so many levels firstly, well.... glass!!! Second, they are cabs (I love cabs possibly more then I love beads) and third, I LOVE the size, they are just 10-12mm.

Photo by Sue
Of course I was too excited to get a photo of the ones I received before I started work on them, so had to steal Sue's photo from the blog!
My first piece was not what I had intended to make at all, as I opened the packet I received from Sue the tiny cabs spilled onto the table and from the corner of my eye I noticed that the colour of the light blue cab went beautifully with a broken necklace that had been sitting on my desk for a while!
The necklace was one I made a couple of years back for the Bead Soup Blog hop that was given to my youngest daughter but some how she managed to snap the metal focal on it and it had been sitting on my desk waiting for inspiration to strike!

Little Star Necklace
I tried a few other things first but just could not get the idea out of my head, so I gave into inspiration and tried to figure out how I could make it into the focal.

I ended up making quiet a simple silver prong setting and was rather surprised at how easy it worked (normally my ideas take a few attempts to figure out, the joy's of being self taught and not quiet knowing what I'm doing).

Close up of prongs
I still need to file and polish up the back of the piece but I really love this one.

View of the Back 
Next up I had the idea of setting one of the cabs in silver and riveting it to a stone we found on a beach on our holidays in Cornwall last year (I have a whole box of stones from beaches). And then this just kind of happened....

Heart Cab Set in Silver
I actually got out my diamond coated drill bits out for this stone and set my drill to high speed, scary stuff! I am now completely at home with fire but the drill still scares the life out of me!

Whole necklace
Of course I had to throw in a coin (prong set) and a lamp work headpin (this lovely crusty one is by Bead Fairy on Etsy and really looks like it glows in the day light).

Side View
It's quiet a thick piece but I rather like that! This time I kept the back very simple, a tiny heart cut out and a key stamp....

Back Side
I do have one of these left, a dark blue star but that one is still just an idea and you will have to wait to see what it turns into!

Close ups
I would like to thank Sue for the wonderful cabs I throughly enjoyed working with them and am looking forward to seeing what all the others have created....

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