All is quiet!

Peace and quiet is a very rare thing in this house! So I'm going to enjoy it!
The other half is at work, the mess maker is sleeping on the sofa (worn out after a long walk to the shops carrying her little shopping basket), the boy has gone to spend the weekend with his mother (he has just started new medication for his ADHD so is very tearful at the moment), and the girl has gone out with her nan and granddad!
As I'm typing the sunshine has come out and is beaming through the window warming my face.
I'm not quiet sure what to do with my self now.....I'm thinking nice hot bath and a bit of pampering!
Before I go I want to show you this......

I collected this beautiful peace of titanium this morning from the post office. I'm not sure what to do with it yet but I love the colors! It came all the way from America from this wonderful website. 
Oh and I got my new beads from Laura yesterday. They look even better then the pic!!!! I love them!!!
I must also make some more things to put in my shop only got three items so far. Did make these today.....

But as always I'm now out of supplies. Any who better get on with the pampering before they all come home! Enjoy your day xxx


  1. I love the raw look.
    I had a pair of earrings that I picked up on life's traveles.
    Lost of one them, so had the other made into a pendant, using Larimar that I had also "picked up". I love the pendant more. Goes to show, if I had never lost the earring, would never have had the pendant. x x x Nothing at all to do with the raw look except I have loads of raw Larimar.

  2. Make the most of quiet while you can and love the earrings by the way :-) x x x

  3. Thanks and lovely story about the pendent!


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