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One World One Heart 

Hello and Welcome every one from one world one heart to my small part of Blogland!

My name is Niky. I'm a stay at home mum (to one loud pre-teen girl, my nephew whom has ADHD and a toddler I refer to as mess maker)!!!! I love making things and trying new crafts, and may possibly have a small addiction to beautiful handmade glass beads, shiny gems, stationary, filo faxes and such, and am possibly starting to hoard said items! 
I mostly make jewellery, but there are soooo many other things I would love to try!

Random facts....
  • My nickname when I was younger (I was going to say small but I'm only 5ft, so I'm still small) was Dolly Day Dreamer because I was ALWAYS reading books (my grandads fault for constantly supplying me with books)!

  • Before my parents registered my birth my name was Kim but my dad likes to be difficult and changed it to Niky when they registered me, to this day all my family (very large family as my mum is one of 10) still call me Kim (can be quiet confusing)

  • The best job I've ever had (and the worse paid) was working as a care assistant in a residential care home for dementia. I learned so much about showing people respect and promoting independence (I also loved that the conversations were completly random) and went on to train other people about being a carer.

  • I consider myself to be very lucky, am a great believer in positive thinking and love the idea of Karma! (I once wrote a complete A-Z of lucky things for my best friend and started to send her things off the list randomly).

  • My lucky number is 4.

  • I am increadbly ditsy, I will start something then a little way in will get distracted and start some thing elce having completly forgoten what I was doing just a few moments ago, and this happens ALOT!

My 'door prize'....(my very first giveaway soooo excited)

This handmade (by me) sterling silver bracelet.

All you need to do to win this prize is leave a comment and a way for me to be able to contact you should you win. The winner will be picked by random number generator on 17th Feb.

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